Sony Must Announce the PlayStation 4 ASAP

Earlier this week, reports surfaced suggesting Sony would be launching the PlayStation 4 next year. Almost immediately, Sony fans jumped for joy at the news, while Microsoft fans scoffed at the idea. And along the way, Sony hasn’t said for sure what might happen.

Even so, I’m here to tell you (and Sony) that the PlayStation 4 should launch as early as possible next year.

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alousow2712d ago

Sony will not rush the PS4. Just like the previous consoles the nex 1 will be quality

TurismoGTR2712d ago

PS3 is enough till 2014.. We need MAJOR! change before a new system.

firemassacre2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

im too busy playing EXCLUSIVE games to want a ps4 just yet, i cannot say otherwise for everyone else.

have fun playing your many games omi ;p

omi25p2712d ago

Im to busy playing any games. There are so many multiplatforms and exclusives coming out that it would be stupid to announce a new console while the current gen is doing so well.

BattleAxe2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I'd like to see Sony stay strong with the PS3 for another 2 years, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did release a PS4 sooner than that. This has been the most successful console generation for all console makers, because all 3 consoles have done extremely well, nobody got blown out this time around.

When the PS1, Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast were competing, the war ended with Playstation destroying the competition with 102 Million units sold compared to Nintendos 32 Million and Segas 10 Million Units. Usually at least one console gets blown out of the water, but that didn't happen this time, so I think a PS4 could be possible...nobody wants to get left behind.

Heres a list of all console sales all the way back to the 80's.

PS: To all you SEGA delusionals out there, check out the sales list and you can see just how poorly Sega did with all their consoles(the Genesis was their only popular console)....they won't be making a comeback.

MaxXAttaxX2712d ago

Most multiplatform games look similar on PC.
We need at least 2 more years before we see bigger leaps in graphics.
Like PS1 -> PS2 -> PS3 leaps.

TheDivine2712d ago

I agree we dont need it yet. I want the ps4 to get all the focus until 2014ish. This gen is just now hitting its sweet spot. Sony needs to be ready though, they cant afford to be last again. The wii u is dropping, if ms beats sony by a year the ps4 will be in a tough position. I hope ms and sony take their time so we dont get rushed consoles and we see a big jump in power and quality. I just now got a ps3 last december and wont get a ps4/720 for years anyways. Both ms and sony need to have all arcade/dlc content be able to transfer and have bc with all games.

StarWolf2712d ago

we couldnt even message people in the psn during a game. the store was ugly and crappy layout with nothing new for months aside from trailers. No XMB during game, no rumble in the controller.

yeah great quality. I payed 600 bucks for it and thankfully R:FOM made it all worth it but CMON now

Army_of_Darkness2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

How many people are actually pushing Sony to release a ps4 anyways!? Lol! It honestly feels like the ps3 is just getting started!
My gf randomly decided to get a ps3 for herself mainly because i showed her how easy it is to use bluray, netflix, web browsing and video chat! That's why she bought one as soon as she seen them on sale at walmart this week for $249 with black ops lol!

slapedurmomsace2711d ago

@battleaxe...The dreamcast wasn't in the same generation with the PS1. They were the first console of the next generation which included the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. They were released 4 years apart. I actually agree and hope the delay the launch of the ps4 and next xbox til 2013, however when you start spoutin off at the mouth like that, you make yourself look like an amateur on the topic who heard something from your friend and took it as fact. And also, if you like it or not, the Wii blew the doors off the PS3 and Xbox 360 this generation.

Saladfax2711d ago


Generally, as in most cases follow this trend, multi-plats tend to appear pretty similar to one another regardless of the unit's processing power. Very rarely are there significant differences.

But standard hardware has changed enough since the previous console gen to where an upgrade to latest and greatest (or at least close to it) would create a difference.

Of course, fidelity is getting to the quality point where you're not going to see leaps and bounds as concretely as previous console gens. It'll look better, but not MGS1 to MGS2 better or Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy X better.

BattleAxe2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )


Considering the Dreamcast was released in 1998, and was dead in the water before the PS2 even came out in 2000, I would call that the same generation as the PS1, but lets have it your way and put the Saturn in there still only managed to sell 10 Million units. So really, Sega released both the Saturn(10 Million Units 1994) and the Dreamcast(10 Million Units 1998) within the same console cycle as the PS1(102 Million Units 1994). Because the Dreamcast died so fast, like it or not it didn't compete with the PS2.

slapedurmomsace2711d ago

@battleaxe..last thing I'm going to say..It was the Saturn..period..and yes it was a fail. However..I do appreciate how you sku that release obviously did a quick wiki search on the dreamcast..yes it was released in 1998 in Japan..while 09-09-09 was the USA. I can still remember commercials for it. While the Playstation 2 was released in late 2000. So the PS1 was not competing with the Dreamcast generation wise, so your argument goes right out the window there. Furthermore, the Dreamcast was the fastest selling system at the time of it's launch, so absolutely not dead in the water, terrible marketing again ruined it. I can't and will not argue the PS2 was an awesome system, however all I was trying to let you know was, this has nothing to do with the PS3 or the PS4, and that's just fact. And as far as the disagrees to my last comment, really doesn't matter what anyone here thinks, the sales numbers for the Wii, 360 and PS3 speak for themselves. Does matter if you like it, doesn't matter if you think the PS3 has better games, or the 360 has better games. It is was it is, and the Wii spanked the 360 and the PS3 this generation, period. If you if disagree, please give me a fact, not your opinion that states otherwise, because if it's opinion that matters, the PS3 has the best games, the 360 has the best controller, and the Wii the the drunken party system, and that's my opinion so it must be fact.

hikayu2711d ago


while i was not around while sega was still in the business , i must say that sega didnt do tooo bad in the 80s . they werent that far off from competitors numbers . but anyone looking at the numbers now should be able to see : they seemed to release a console every other year . i know that the dev cycle is shorter back then because it didnt take that long to create an engine and the man power required is much less intensive than now . but who wants to make another investment every year only to outdate the previous console , kill it , every 2-3 years ? it is clear that sega has no strategy approaching the market and their management is a clusterf*ck . they did not know how to invest in their business , how to appeal to their fan or to approach the new audience at all . of course , sega's mistake is sony opportunity .they took that pitiful of a company and shoved the dreamcast up sega's hole .that's how capitalism work , that's how the market works and im glad it did work in this case .

ConanOBrien2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

With current cloud-storage crap buzz going on, console makers should apply some sort of cloud-based anti-piracy methods for its future consoles. Example: game textures must be stored on secured cloud servers, the rest in regular disc. Games must be connected to internet in order to play, while both firmware and cloud servers authorize a 2048bit RSA access key. IF mismatch occures then games can still be played, but you see NO textures at all.

That way, games will be hard to pirate and more gigs of space in disc can be optimized for game contents. Devs and gamers happier.

DeadlyFire2711d ago

Rumors are often misquoted. Launch likely means visually debuted. I am very certain PS4 is coming is going to be at E3 2012 in full form and Release in 2013.

2711d ago
jadnice2711d ago

What with these silly notion that Microsoft and Sony will both release consoles next year. the only console new console to be on the market in 2012 will be the WiiU... that it.

Fanboys need to stop with the pipe dreams.

ProjectVulcan2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

The leap is actually a lot now to those saying it isn't enough and quoting multi plat games. They look similar because lazy devs are not exploiting the PC platform. Those that can be bothered have come up with Battlefield 3 for example. BF3 probably won't even require the highest end hardware to max either by the comments from DICE.

The difference was not long after the previous gen launched we had a good advance in graphics tech and the devs on PC all took advantage of it. Now it costs so much to develop few devs are willing to build what would essentially be a different game for modern PC hardware now with the gap we have. They prefer incremental improvements.

A modern gaming PC with a GTX580 is easily 8 times as fast as current machines, and in six months that gap will only be bigger as next generation GPU launch. As long as the consoles launch with that next gen tech, the gap is enough....

BeastlyRig2711d ago

It's been 5 years! how long does it to make a pc that can't upgrade high quality?

insomnium22711d ago


If only this console gen was over you could say the Wii spanked both x360 and PS3. However considering the price PS3 is JUST NOW lowering itself to it really is only starting to appeal to the bulk of the consumers. Do you not remember what happened as PS2 got down to about 200 usd? What about 150 usd?

Once the PS3 has been around the same pricerange as x360 and Wii both are a couple of years then you might have an accurate prediction of the sales this gen.

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Derekvinyard132712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

what will be after blu ray? and who will use it.

blumatt2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I can't see Sony making another disc format for the PS4. It will probably use a 100GB Quad Layer bluray disc and offer consumers the choice to either buy its games digitally (via the PS Store) or on disc (retail stores, WalMart etc.).

The PS4 MIght Continue Using the Cell architecture with just upgraded RAM etc.

I have a feeling that Sony will simply continue using the Cell architecture so that devs. won’t have to re-learn new hardware to develop for the PS4. The PS4 will likely have a 32 SPU Cell architecture with around 4GB of RAM and an upgraded graphics card (possibly still RSX, but maybe something new). The upgraded RAM will help out “lesser” developers like Activision to make pretty games without having to use the Cell. Bluray drives have come down in price significantly. They’ll likely use a quad layer (100GB) BR disc and a 8X or higher read time. Using similar architecture with upgraded components (BR drive and RAM) will help keep the price down and make it easy to develop for.

If developers haven’t figured out the Cell by the time the PS4 comes out, I’d say it’s safe to say that they are lazy. lol That will have been nearly 8 years or so.

Also, another reason why they might continue using the Cell is because Sony bought back the factory that manufactures the Cell chips.

Backward Compatiblity with PS3 games will be a non-issue if they choose this route.

As far as motion control goes, I can definitely see them making an upgraded PS Eye 2.0 that is more “Kinect-like” and offers body only motion gaming. However, I think they’ll continue supporting the Move and not make a new Move controller for the PS4. The Move’s technology is already cutting edge. It’s good to see companies competing for our dollar and making new technologies even better through competition.

The PS4 will also likely make a lot of features standard such as cross game chat, in-game music, a party system, Youtube uploading, etc.

By doing what i just predicted, I can see Sony being able to sell the PS4 for $399, which would be very good for us gamers. The PS Vita is proof that Sony has learned its lesson about using developer unfriendly hardware and pricing their hardware too high.

blumatt2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I sure wish explanations came with all these disagrees. lol I don't know what I said that you're disagreeing with. Please explain. If you don't have the courage to explain it on here, then message me via PSN. PSN:blumatt

MasterCornholio2712d ago

I dont believe that they will use the RSX again. It will probably be a GPU from Nvidia again. I do agree with you stating that they will use cell because they bought the cell factory a while back. However i really dont see the need for a 100GB bluray drive what i really would like to see is a faster drive though maybe 8X would be nice.

kneon2712d ago

What comes after bluray is more bluray, only bigger, faster and cheaper.

jony_dols2711d ago


That's the PS4 that I want. With a Summer/Fall release window in 2013.

I think that some people are forgetting that after Spring 2012, there really isn't that many high profile games left in this generations pipeline. Hell with the exceptions of The Last Guardian, Bioshock & Halo 4 (all 2012), there isn't much left to look forward to.

I think Sony & Microsoft's lack of big title exclusive announcements at E3 this year, was a clear indication that both companies are preparing for a roll out of new consoles within the next 2 years.

slapedurmomsace2711d ago

crap, can't remember but JVC created some disk that does like a terabyte?? A holodisk maybe??? either way I can't imagine a game that takes more space than a blu-ray can handle, and blu-ray does 3d and the prices are at this point certainly acceptable so there really is no reason to do anything beyond blu-ray, except digital download, and I have shitty DSL that took 8 hours to download god help me if we have to go digital only.

kneon2711d ago


There are a number of companies working on holographic optical storage (including Sony) with capacities into the terabytes. But the road to this tech is littered with the roadkill of failed companies. It is quite a complex technology and is currently only available for niche markets as it's outrageously expensive.

Bluray has been shown to work up to at least 500gb and I've seen researchers speculating that it could some day reach several terabytes. If that happens then holographic disks could be dead in the water unless they can get into the 10's of terabytes with costs comparable to bluray.

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mugoldeneagle032712d ago

I still feel like the PS3 has a few solid years left at least. Agent (if it still exists) and Last Guardian are both a year + away, and those are some pretty big titles.

As for the Move, it's an accessory. And there still hasn't really been a killer title out for it yet. What will happen if they ever make a Star Wars game? If it was PS3 exclusive, I guarantee retailers would be sold out for months.

I also think Sony could revamp the XMB/Interface, drastically if they wanted. Anything new would give it a fresh feel.

I don't expect PS4 talk until 2013 at the earliest from Sony.

gamingdroid2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Same story, different generation. When a new console comes out with amazing graphics, every hardcore gamer will flock to it like mice to cheese.

It's human nature, you are content until you see something else better!

We need a new generation naow!

jessupj2711d ago

If anyone needs to release a new console for the hardcore it's microsoft.

ShoryukenII2712d ago

Didn't they say that the Playstation Move exceeded their expectations at E3? I just closed the tab when he said that it didn't catch on as they thought it would.

slampunk2711d ago

Of course they would say that.....Did you expect them to come out and say that it was a flunk?! lol

gamingdroid2711d ago

What was their expectations? It must have been very underwhelming....

ShoryukenII2710d ago

It seems to be selling pretty close to Kinect so I don't think he was lying.

n4gisatroll2712d ago

i hate this, why keep writing about how sony must announce a ps4, they will announce it, when they are ready, so stop with all this crap.

Oxymoron0282712d ago

All reports of the PS4 are fake. It's not coming out any time soon, Sony are dedicated to the PS3 and PSV,

move the fuck on already.

slampunk2711d ago

Maybe, although if MS come out with their new console (which they will at E3 2012 with halo 4), then sony will be forced into bringing things forward.....

Sony are throwing new ip's & exclusives at the ps3 to get back the many millions they lost in the beginning of this gen... I commend them for that as it's good for us gamers. Sony should be far more dominant this gen than they are & sony would internally think that aside from a few great exclusive titles, that this gen was a fail from a business point of view.

i just hope they learn from their mistakes....Their has been a lot from sony this time around.....

Oxymoron0282711d ago

Sony won't be forced into doing anything. The PS3 is picking up pace now, and with a large list of exclusives they aren't going to jeopardize that by releasing a new console.

All the people disagreeing are just lying to themselves with wishful thinking. It's not going to happen any time soon.

Also to the reports saying "Sony haven't said a thing about it". Yes they have you're just choosing to ignore it. When Tretton was asked about such rumours he stated about how the PS3 was upping it's pace and that and the PSV are their main focus.

We are still years off from the PS4, just face it.

DaTruth2711d ago

You could easily be correct, but I would take anything Sony says about no PS4 with a grain of salt!

Any talk of a PS4 would obliterate the Vita hype! I don't need a portable gaming system at the moment, but I may still buy the Vita if there are good games; but if a PS4 was releasing next year, I would absolutely not be making a Vita purchase for some time!

Oxymoron0282711d ago

Yeah you are right that the PS4 will overshadow the PSV in some ways, but it doesn't make any sense for the PS4 to exist now.

Not with how much pace the PS3 is gaining, how well it's selling and all the games coming out for it.

Plus the reports are such a cluster fuck surrounding it. It went from being planned to being developed within a couple of months? Not a chance in hell, it won't go into development before prototypes are made and before developers get their hands on a developer kit.

And considering how developers leaked information about the PSV we know they'll leak information about the PS4.

I could put money on the story about the PS4 being in development being false.

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showtimefolks2712d ago

i think people forget the kind of investment sony made with ps3 and its only in its 5th year and still selling at 300 bucks and through all the psn attacks was selling better than last year.

I believe ps4 will be the last console out again like this gen i just don't see sony coming out with a new console for just so they can just launch before MS.

expect to hear about next xbox at E3 2012 and launch at 2013 and expect to hear about ps4 at E3 2013 and launch most likely late 2014 to Q1 2015

think about when ps3 will hit 149 or 99 it will sell like crazy and we are 200 dollars away from that price.

and many of sony's 1st party studios have yet to release a AAA title on ps3

Peaceful_Jelly2712d ago

only 5 years? I was still in high-school 5 years ago and I'm almost finishing my bachelor's degree and thinking about starting a family. >_>

I want to play PS4 before my 30's!

showtimefolks2711d ago

so just because of you we should all spend another 400 for a new system really?

go buy a new wii or wait for xbox720 in late 2013 to earl 2013

if you are waiting for a ps4 than wait and while you wait play some of the best exclusives on ps3

DaTruth2711d ago

Don't listen to Tretton; any talk of a PS4 would leave the Vita forgotten, that is why they will do their best to downplay any talk of a PS4!

You don't want to have two new products on the market competing with each other for hype! When the Vita is well established, they can announce Vita cross-connectivity with PS4 to reel in others, with great features like remote play, home to portable gaming and even using the Vita as a controller with a screen like the WiiU... maybe even PS4-Vita bundles!

trancefreak2712d ago

Yeah I do think we are at the point were within at least 2 years will give us a much better technical experience across the board.

Also with cost and longevity for the future consoles.

subtenko2711d ago

Sony dont listen to these lame article writers,lol this is ridiculous xD

xtremeimport2711d ago

I read the title and nothing els.
Laughing....I will not give this fool hits on his site.

joab7772711d ago

I see it differently. They should release it when possible but to build on momentum. It will hav a similar cell processor but much more powerful and now creators are comfortable w it. They have strong exclusives. If it has kinnect and move, itll b the most precise motion control. It has the best 3d tech, and it understands the future of gaming is mobile w the vita. And the mobile links to the psn. If the new ip dishonered released multi comsole next gen but on the ps4 was motion control, real 3d tech, done on the powerful cell processor w at least some if not all of the game being able to b played on the go w vita, which version would u buy? Sony is working on a disc much larger than blu ray but if I were them, id leave it out. Id go digital and sink the momey into the processor and memory allowing a longer life cycle. Include steam or thwir own service and sell a better console for a reasonable price w the ability to buy gamea cheaper than its competition.

hiredhelp2711d ago

Did i just read this right. He thinks be next yeat. HELLO Knock' Knock any sense in that head.

TBM2711d ago

Why I still have a crapload of games to play on the system, and there are more exclusives to come that haven't been released yet?

wsoutlaw872711d ago

no ones saying you have to stop playing your ps3 and buy a ps4 right when it comes out.

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paladinaz2712d ago

Pathetic article.
There is no single valid argument why Sony needs PS4.

BeOneWithTheGun2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I respectfully disagree. I would love to play Skyrim in 1080p with draw distances and texture mapping that is seen using a high end PC. For me, it's just like my car. I have one and it's nice but I am always eyeing one that has more horsepower, gets better gas mileage and whatnot. It's human nature.

that said, I am quite happy with my PS3. I love all the exclusives that are on it but I would totally shell out some money for a console that ran Infamous 2 in 1080p at 60fps or greater and a 5 terabyte hard drive with movie editors, or something built in.

wsoutlaw872711d ago

exactly, the ps3 is good but the ps4 will obviously be better. More innovative games will become possible with the ps4. I want games with more power for physics, AI, more players on screen and online,1080p with 3d, and 60 fps. If it comes out next year then ill buy it as soon as it has games and a good deal. And by then i will definitely have gotten my moneys worth on my ps3

BeOneWithTheGun2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

double post

pedrami912712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

You and what proof mate ?

"The way I see it, the PlayStation 4 will help change the discussion surrounding Sony."

And the PSV ?
Anonunce the PS4 now and it'll be the PSP-PS3 case all over again, the PSV not getting it's attention 2-3 years after it's release.

"Gone will be the days where the company is mercilessly criticized by those who are still upset about the PlayStation Network breach. Instead, people will talk about Sony’s new and exciting console."

If there is one thing ive learned is that there will always those someone who bi*** and moan on just about anything any company/dev does.

"Wii U. That device, which features a really neat controller that might catch on with both casual and hardcore gamers alike, is right now poised for unabated success next year."

That's a good lookin' time machine ya got there, mind if i borrow it ?

xtreampro_REVENGE!2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

My proof for the Move not doing well is the fact that one of my friends who was all over Move decided to get rid of it just recently, and he's reason for doing so is because it basically sucks and pointless.

All motion gaming is stupid and it'll always be stupid, and whoever said Move doesn't have lag is the biggest liar on the planet. The lag is very noticeable even when playing table tennis in Sports Champions.

I can remember before the Move came out I was hyping it up as well, but then I used it and realised it sucks, and personally I don't think the WiiU's going to do good at all.

fucadastates2712d ago

ohh.. so thats proof.. hmm well i have a friends who was hyped as hell for kinect.. they dicided to get rid of it just recently. reason - it sucks and is pointless.. eyetoy 1.5 only kid games and so on.

both kinect and move are selling great (the moves 8.9 numbers may be a bit meeeh because of people buying 2 move controllers.)

pedrami912712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Because you thought it sucked.

That sure makes sense /s.

BattleTorn2712d ago

"one of my friends" =/= proof

bloodybutcher2712d ago

one of guys i used to work with said that on a video with collapsing WTC one can clearly see alien spaceship.and i am not even joking.i did not,however,take his words as a proof of such event.

thekiddfran2711d ago

@XTREAMPRO sorry bro I am too busy playing killzone 3, sly trilogy, heavy rain and Socom 4 with my move to read your post.

bloodybutcher2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

and at xtreampro,who pm me saying that i should learn how to read-there is something i would say is a proof on psmove not doing bad.
and this is part i am talking about ´´Jack Tretton confirmed that the device has sold 8.8 million units to date, which is certainly not a number to be sniffed at.´´
8,8 million.confirmed by mr J.´´Boring´& ;#18 0;Tretton.could it be a higher number?definitely.could it be less?oh my opinion it is a considerable amount of sales for a device that was,and still is,described as a may not have been great experience for you and your friend,but i know few people who use it with quite few do not write that your and your friend´s disappointment with psmove is proving anything,there is a number of players who like it.

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omi25p2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I dont see why they have to announce it ASAP.

Jio2712d ago

Either way, waiting or soon, I'll be happy