Lack of female devs 'a cultural issue'

Develop-online: Gender imbalance in the games industry is a problem too big to be solved within the sector itself, an independent female developer has said.

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handheldwars22691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Its not a problem at all imo. I enjoy games made by men a lot and even though I'd like to see what women can do in the industry, i don't mind them staying right there inside the k******! (guess the word :P)

thorstein2691d ago

Sheri Graner Ray?
Karen Clark Project Manager, Dragon Age: Origins?

That was off the top of my head. You = Fail

NukaCola2690d ago

The lead designer and writer at Naughty Dog (Uncharted) is woman and has made one of the greatest series ever. Amy Hennig is brilliant.

thatgamecompany has a president, co-founder and lead designer who is a woman: Kellee Santiago

The director of the ATV vs MX I remember, was a black lady.

Paulina Bozek: Game Director / Executive Producer, SingStar

Laura Fryer
Executive Producer, Microsoft Game Studios

Elizabeth Pellen
Co-Creative Director, Ubisoft Paris

I give ladies credit where credit is do.

deadpoole2690d ago

The point is ... I dont give a rats huge a$$ if the developer is Male, female or for that matter effin Alien ... Devs are becomin lazy as hell, innovation is on the decline ... new concepts and $hit is now only a fragment of imagination.

As long as Devs can bring somethin new to the gaming industry either is male/female they are welcome ... if not then sought off and bury themselves in their own pile of crap.

Peaceful_Jelly2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

the one to blame for the decline of innovation are the masses themselves for only buying the same crap. What are the top 3 right now? Battlefield 3, Call of Duty and GeoW, a bunch of shooters. That's what people like and that's what devs will continue doing, more military shooters.

MrSpace2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Well I don't think it is, the games industry isn't suffering without more female devs so I don't see how it's an issue and it's not like their underappreciated because look at, for example, Amy Hennig and what's she's did for Uncharted.

If the whole gaming industy was crumbling and was starting to become a dieing thing because of this then yeah then it's an issue

"Forty-two per cent of all game players are women, according to recent ESA data." does this work because if you play on Kinect dance games or Wii games like Wii Fit etc which are aimed at the casual audiences then of course your going to get more women syaing their gamers when probably the only games they have played on are mini games, fitness games or dance games. I hate when feminists or moaning girl gamers try and point that out with this survey when they don't count how much the Nintendo Wii has made gaming more mainstream and casual, let's face it gaming has been aimed towards men more because that's who it's been aimed at from the start. Wonder what the survey results would be like before the Nintendo Wii came out.

Software_Lover2691d ago

If they dont want the jobs, you can't make them take them. Simple as that. That goes with anything. People always talk about discrepancies in the amount of x people types working vs y people types (color, gender, etc) but they never talk about the discrepancies of actual applicants.

Tuxedo_Mask2691d ago

Instead of worrying about someone's gender or race why don't we just worry about whether or not the game that is made is good or not?

This politically correct way of thinking is just stupid whether it's the video game industry or industry in general. If a person is good at something then they should do it, it shouldn't matter what they look like.

"Oh, we need more women in x industry because it's dominated by men. Oh, we need more men in y industry because it's dominated by women." That way of thinking is absurd compared to "X does his/her/it's job well, let's make sure standards continue to rise."

xYLeinen2690d ago

Just look at Uncharted and Assassin's Creed >_>

aaabbbccc43242690d ago

exactly! and those 2 games are masterpieces!

downwardspiral2690d ago

yep and the god of war team has a fair amount of female talent too.

Peaceful_Jelly2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

If you're talking about Raymonds, she's just a producer. =/

A devs works on the game, a producer manages the budget and has no responsibility within the creation of a game. Raymonds receives lots of attention because she's hot not because she's a talented dev or writer or something related to game development.

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