Why Skyward Sword Will Absolutely Amaze You

Kisara Schriever knows with absolute certainty that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will astound you; here's why.

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jacksonmichael2713d ago

I've got faith in it. I even bought a stuffed Link today.

crxss2713d ago

cause it's Zelda! duh.

Etseix2713d ago

last Zelda games didnt lived to the hype of its name, <_<

crxss2713d ago


yea the hype is always going to be massive for a console Zelda. TP was good enough for me, i play them mostly for the story :/

Danteh2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

yeah Twilight Princess sucked ass, at least compared to OoT, Wind Waker and ALttP... but I have faith in Skyward Sword and OoT 3D has gotten me hyped for Zelda again... what a game!! still better than 99% of games this gen lol

dragunrising2713d ago

I was put off by the games graphics when it was first unvieled but have grown to appreciate it. I'm hoping for a game that sort of combines the Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker w/ flying mechanics.

rexbolt2712d ago

why are ppl scared of color?

dragunrising2711d ago

The first time I saw it, I was more turned off by the low rez textures and the cartoony enemies than the color scheme. A part of me wishes Nintendo releases an HD version of Skyward when the Wii U comes out.

newn4gguy2713d ago

Do you see that picture they used for the story?

Do you know what that is?

That's a scene from a Zelda game that we will NEVER get!!! You know...the game Zelda should have become years ago?!?

LoaMcLoa2713d ago

You mean the one that will come out in Winter?

Give it time. I prefer my games polished.

newn4gguy2712d ago

No...THAT is from a cutscene in the game we'll be getting. It's not gameplay.

Why are you people settling for mediocre?

TruthbeTold2712d ago

Are you trying to say that the graphics should look like the concept art used for the article? That since the game doesn't look like that we shouldn't settle for it? That would be nice, but looking at how pretty a game is comes second to how well it plays and how much fun I have with it. The way that Skyward sword looks is fine for now. Sure I'd like it to have more advanced graphics. But that is hardly the most important thing, and Skyward Sword is by no means an ugly game. 'Don't buy it, teh graphics are teh non-HD! Don't settle!' Get out of here with that stuff.

despair2713d ago

I don't know about amazed but it will be good I guess. I just see it as yet another Zelda game and I've played others like it before. This from a person who ranks Ocarina of time as no. 1 game of all time.

Technical World2713d ago

I don't own it and I'm already amazed. I think it will be like Phantom Hourglass. Everyone is skeptical about how it will play right now but once people play it they'll realise this is one of the best Zeldas. And I'm so glad they did something new. Going through Hyrule Field on Epona is getting old now jumping off your giant red bird onto a land nobody knows about is fun. Twilight Princess, while an amazing game, was almost a clone of Ocarina of Time with improved mechanics and no instrument.

Laypoof2713d ago

If it's anywhere near as good as Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess (two of my all time favorite games), I would be happy!

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