Has Steam Spoiled Us?

While Steam is something that has revolutionized PC gaming and is single handedly responsible for its revival, in the days of its amazing summer sales I have come to wonder if Steam is actually spoiling us, and if so, what could the consequences be?

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Myst2691d ago

Well think of it this way when Steam is not running sales Amazon is your best bet (pretty much always) if not Amazon then you are left with other stores: Best Buy, GameStop, etc. Yet I have found in-store that Game stops's selection is getting smaller and smaller anyway. So competition is definitely still there and thrives much more so when Steam is not doing a sale. Case: Bought Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II (First and then it's first expansion) 22.00 Steam at the time wanted I think 40? so it was a deal for me and it was on Amazon. Steam then threw up Retribution (sequel) for 20 (? Maybe less) a few days into their sale. So overall combining both I was able to get it for a bit less.

So I don't think there are any forseen consequences just yet other than PC gaming getting more in the stream I suppose. More people playing their games more developers turning their eyes toward it. More games for us all on PC and look at what we have so far developers are throwing stuff out left and right and sometimes getting free updates/dlc on those games. So as of right now I think the kick back to these sales are pretty damn good :).

P.S. I'd say spoiled I have a lot of games but hell I barely finished half of them I got from winter and my wallet is slightly crying because of it.

BeastlyRig2691d ago

yup $60 is outrageous for a game!

newn4gguy2691d ago


It's pretty simple. Yes...

Megaton2691d ago

Last time I paid $60 for a game was MGS4. Had to have it on launch day. Before that, I can't even remember.

CaptCalvin2691d ago

Battlefield 2 was the first game to cost $50 as far as I can remember. But that game was worth every penny for what it did back then.

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