New Challenger: Graphics On The Back Burner

Default Prime author Chris Stewart looks at the future of video games according to Ubisoft Montreal's vision where improving AI takes precedence over graphics. "To look impressive now, games have to really push the envelope of realistic visuals. Sure, games could look better, but why should we continue to focus on improving what is already the best thing about games? Ubisoft Montreal’s Yves Jacquier, executive director of production service, has gone on record saying “AI has always been the real battleground. The challenge is that, if you see an AI coming, you’ve failed. And that’s a problem we have to overcome as we create the impression of flawless, seamless worlds”. So it’s time to put the emphasis more on the gameplay than anything else. Apparently, over the next few years Ubisoft will be spending a lot of money (upwards of a million dollars) on developing new, hopefully pioneering, ways of producing games, with a specific focus on artificial intelligence."

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dragunrising2713d ago

I agree completely with Ubisoft's vision. Graphics will always get better but what about the AI (gameplay)? AI is dumb and always has been. The multiplayer aspect of any shooter draws people in because real players are simply better and less predicatable than any computer AI.

no_more_heroes2712d ago

I literally made this same argument some weeks ago (I think it was in an article about hitting a graphical wall). Its time devs start heavily investing in AI. Graphics are good enough as they are for now.

KeenanTheSavage2712d ago

Agreed. I mean the point of playing games is to get away from real life, and immerse yourself in another world, and constantly striving for photorealistic graphics seems almost counterproductive

qwertyz2712d ago

realistic AI needs sold branch prediction, IPS(instructions per second) performance, large caches and out of order execution. Consoles are lacking in all these areas(but they are 6 year old technology so its to be expected) but obviously such performance has been available on pc for years now. I'm sure that when next gen consoles come out A.I will see massive improvements.

matey2711d ago

Ask IBM they have already solved this 4 2012 WiiU Custom cpu has some special memory tech that makes 4 their words extreme gameplay which means AI will be amazing