Special Edition: A Collector's Conundrum

Jeremiah Hisel | Goozernation

It seems like every game that hits the market nowadays has a collectors edition, but do most games deserve the status of a collectors item, and what makes a collectors edition collectable?

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MrSpace2717d ago

For me a Collectors Edition has to have something that is collectible. The worst things for a CE are Soundtracks and Making of DVD's because let's face they will both appear on Youtube in like a week, plus Making of content should be on the disc already like NaughtyDog do with Uncharted, why pay more for things which everyone is going to get (because of Youtube) and things which should already be on the disc. I think I would also have to mention Golden Guns aswell basicaly because it's a pointless thing to include.

The best CE I've seen have been Halo Reach's Legendary edition, Gears of War 3 Epic Edition, Infamous 2 Hero Edtion, The Resistance 3 Survival edition, Fallout 3/New Vegas CE, AC Brotherhood Codex edition and the Bioshock 2 name a few.

I felt like Reach's Legendary and the Gears of War Epic Edition are worthy because it seems like the developers wanted to go out with a bang since it's the last game or last in a trilogy. If we look at Uncharted 3 with NaughtyDog it's the only edition I'm actually dissaspointed in.

I thought Uncharted 3 would of gotten a bigger Collectors Edition in the same style of the Legendary and Epic editions like a "Fortune Hunters" Edition. Things I wanted to see and what people wanted to see in the ND forums consist of things like A Spaniard coin from Drakes Fortune, the little black box of resisn from Among Theives, something U3 related like the map of Arabia with Drakes notes on, Drakes Journal, Sir Francis Drakes Diary with the bullethole, a better quality staute like the Epic edition with Drake, Sully and Elena featured (Where Drakes face dosen't look messed up) and finally Drakes Ring. The only thing we got from that list was Drakes Ring and a statue with horriable quality (again the face looks weird).

I could say the same about Mass Effect 3 to be honest, for the final game in the trilogy it dosen't seem like Bioware have went all out.

When a developer goes all out on a CE where it dosen't consist of stuffing it full of DLC codes, Making of DVD's and Soundtracks is when you know that the CE will be decent quality.

bustercube2717d ago

Exactly my point, DLC shouldn't be the focus of a collector's edition, and including something from the game (trinket/memento found in the game) would be way more exciting for a collector. One other thing is most of the "making of videos" are released before the games even come out (Gametrailer, ign, etc) so why include them? I do wish that the Fallout NV CE came with the soundtrack, that's only because the music was so good, but not all games Soundtracks are good enough to be part of a collector's edition. I also think that the first BioShock CE is a great example, and so is the Fallout 3 CE and Survival editions.