Steam Summer Camp Sale: Day 10

We only have two days left in the sale, but Steam isn't using that as an excuse to just coast to the finish line.

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ChaingunPope2513d ago

I'm lucky I've been holding out on most of these; my wallet's hurting enough.

Elwenil2513d ago

Goddammit, I just bought it last night for $7.50, lol.

Cablephish2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

lol, I bought 4 copies for 7.50.

That's why I waited, I knew this game was gonna get cheaper.

Elwenil2513d ago

Yeah, I should have waited too but I lost my patience, lol. Oh well, it's well worth $10 so I don't feel too bad about the extra $5.

Apollyn2513d ago

Terraria, Hitman bloodmoney, what else hmmmm... expensive sale

Theo11302513d ago

Terraria is boring as hell.

Neo Nugget2513d ago

As long as it gives me more enjoyment than the $3 pack of twizzlers I bought last night, I'm good.

rawrockkillz2513d ago

Twizzlers are quite enjoyable though.

kesvalk2513d ago

got the thq and square pack, mass effect pack and some other standalone games...

and i will not buy games for the next 3 years (that i will waste playing the games i brought anyway X_X)

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The story is too old to be commented.