Game Over, man: let’s start ending games properly

We all know games are striving for a more cinematic feel these days, and while I don’t think that’s always the best of ideas, I do think they can learn a little from the talkies about ending something with a little heart. I’ve lost count of how many times a game has dragged me into its world, only to spit me out the other side without as much as a hug goodbye. I’m not your cheap whore, Halo 2. No kissing on the lips.

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Clance2389d ago

Yes, I feel Bioshock and Batman AA di the same thing and big bottled it by giving in to generic boss battles at the end. A real shame!

UnSelf2389d ago

none did it worst than Killzone 3

Jaybop2388d ago

I don't even remember what happened when I beat it, so that says it all...

theonlylolking2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

For me, as long as a game has a good ending I am fine with it. Although mario has had the same boss like every single time and that just gets plain boring.

I would love to have to find makarov for 20 years... /s

strange19862389d ago

Minus that last cutscene with Big Boss, I totally agree. The way that final fistfight with Liquid included a kind of retrospect with all the different music was pretty brilliant.