Catherine Hands-On Preview [] writes: "When gamers, especially JRPG fans, hear the name Atlus they recognize it as the developer and publisher behind classics such as the Shin Megami Tensei and Trauma Team franchises among the other various titles that the company has picked up from third-party developers. So Atlus's latest title, Catherine, may come as a shock considering its surprising puzzle-centric elements. Even gamers who don't follow the company have heard about the game thanks to its erotic undertones due to the racy and vivid artwork that came out shortly after the game's reveal. For being a first for the company in more ways that one gamers everywhere have been wanting to learn more about the title. We had the chance to sit in a live demonstration of the game with Atlus's Manager of PR and Sales Aram Jabbari to get a closer look at the title before its release later this month."

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mephman2570d ago

Shame this isn't releasing in Europe. :(

ShawnCollier2570d ago

I have a feeling someone will pick it up given how popular it's become online.

Might just take a while like P3P, though.