Mortal Kombat 9 combos: slow minds vs. fast minds

Product-Reviews writes: There are many types of players in MK9, although they fall within two main categories, and these are players with a slow mind and players with a fast mind. Mortal Kombat is about timing and performing moves after seeing the opponent make a move that you can counter.

The slow minded player will perform set moves ahead of time in their head, and then carry them out regardless of what might happen. The fast minded player will adapt in a split-second, changing what they plan as opportunities arise.

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GameScrub2569d ago

great he shows combo videos where settings are extremely situational. They need to show combo videos where people are doing this awesome stuff in real matches, that is how you see if it's a fancy combo for show or a real game changing one.

thenickel2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Those are some insane combos but wont help you one bit against someone who can out think you.

Edit: Has anybody else noticed on 360 that the dpad actually works fine with MK9?

DirtyLary2569d ago

Gotta disagree with you on that one. Bought a $10 converter, use my PS2 dualshock on the xbox to play this, so much better.

iamgoatman2569d ago

I thought it was worse than it was in SF4, at least you could pull off basic stuff in SF4 with a bit of practice, same can't be said for MK.

I'm using my Mad Catz SF4 pad which is essentially just a Sega Genesis six button controller, so it feels perfect for Mortal Kombat, like old times.

thenickel2569d ago

Well I must be use to it or something because every fighter I've played with has sucked to me using it. I never thought about the converter. Would be interesting to see if my game improved by using my old dualshock.

Breadisgood2569d ago

I don't have any problems with the 360 d-pad either dude.

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acemonkey2569d ago

nice wish online was good so i can pull some of this stuff off