Consoles can't handle 24 player online in F1 2011

IncGamers: Platform holder imposed restrictions prevent entire grid of human players.

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BeastlyRig2713d ago

lol more & more devs are getting on the console limit train!

fluffydelusions2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I wish more get on the more innovation and less complaining about graphics train. I'm more concerned with lack of original titles this gen than graphics. We have some but not many.

deadpoole2713d ago

Nice way to pusssy out and blame it on the consoles ... way to go devs.

darksied2713d ago

You know, we say that (don't care about graphics) but we do. A lot actually. And more than gamers, critics care about graphics a LOT even if they say they don't. That's why a cool game that's graphics are a bit behind the top dogs will get crappy review scores, leading to bad sales. So it's no wonder that devs are always trying to keep their graphics up, possibly to the detriment of the other parts of the game.

Mystogan2713d ago

They are just being lazy.

Consoles are at their limit , thats for sure.

but this kind of game should be able to support 24 players on consoles without a problem if they put their heads into it.

mcsm2713d ago

More like making excuses

Takoulya2713d ago

Really? Please, enlighten us with your extensive expertise of modern big-budget game development. I'd much rather trust a recognized developer than some guy on the internet, personally.

theonlylolking2713d ago

True to that. If PD cant do it with premium graphic cars then no one CAN!

F1 2011 will still be awesome even without 24 players.

Half-Mafia2713d ago

consoles cant handle alot of things now days.

news4geeks2713d ago

the ps3 can't handle my diarrhea.

blumatt2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Anyway, it's pretty obvious we're approaching a new generation of consoles within the next couple of years. However, I'm not gonna be mad about not having 24 players online on this game. I'm sure next generation we'll have well over that number. Until then, I'll be happy with what we've got. Besides, there are games that do over that this generation: MAG (256 players), Resistance 2 (60 players), etc.

ForROME2713d ago

True to me we have really been limited to 16 being the max limit

You have resistance and mag, but they dont flow on the same level because of what it takes to make it happen hardware wise etc

I think in the next gen 32 players should be the minimum in most games

fluffydelusions2713d ago

Player count does not make a game great. High player count games can actually be somewhat annoying if done incorrectly.

GodGinrai2713d ago

i thought of CODs groundwar mode when you said that..the maps are to small for that sort of thing.

Takoulya2713d ago

Reminds me of Radec Academy in KZ2 with 32 players...


menezeez2713d ago

there are a LOT of things consoles can't handle lol even bulletstorm maxed out on pc destroys all console games in the graphics department. even a 2006 high end pc destroys both consoles combined in raw power

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The story is too old to be commented.