Overlooked Games To Survive The Summer Drought


"It’s the dead of summer. As we all know, rarely does a good game come out during this hot, unrelenting period.

"Titles can sometimes get overlooked and overshadowed due to monoliths like Call of Duty and other big AAA names during the holiday season, and sometimes just come out at the wrong time.

"These are titles that are generally overlooked, and could be your ace in the hole to surviving the summer drought."

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Proeliator2535d ago

Nice list, some great titles in there.

Metro 2033 is such a fantastic game, I don't know why more people didn't play it.

ATiElite2535d ago

cause they couldn't run it.

Metro 2033 was a beast to run and still is but it's so pretty. I say it looks better than Crysis because of the detailed textures. a little linear but an overall great experience.

It didn't get a lot of 360 hype but it sold well enough on the PC to pay for a sequel which i'll be getting.

Overall this was a great list of games that got overlooked.

2534d ago
gaminoz2535d ago

Funnily enough I've never played any of those! I still have to catch up on a couple of games I haven't finished from earlier in the year though.

consolez_FTW2535d ago

Yeah, so far this summer has been great to catch up on games I never got on release date. Like AS:Brotherhood, Singularity, and fallout series.

Ascalon942535d ago

I know how the author feels living in Louisiana, it really is hot as hell down here. I'm actually playing Alan wake at the moment and the game is really worth the asking price at this point.

Jonah_Reese2535d ago

What's funny about this list is there isn't really too much of a drought, not like the years past.

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