Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Frieza Saga Scan

The Frieza saga has been confirmed along with the different forms of Frieza.

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tayz2713d ago

i hope the whole ginyu force is playable.

Quagmire2713d ago

I hope EVERYONE is playable, like Tenkaichi 3

Supman2713d ago

not frieza saga agin!

Kamikaze1352713d ago

This is exactly why I dislike Dragon Ball Z games....whenever a new series in the fighting games is announced, they always stop at the Frieza saga. If it sells well, a sequel comes out and it covers everything till the Buu saga. If THAT sells well, they'll do GT.

I don't like buying a game knowing I'm only going to be upgrading in a year or two for something exactly like it.

tayz2713d ago

there leaving out DB characters like kid goku.

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi 2. expect it next year with db characters.

DrRichtofen2713d ago

I heard they confirmed GT characters.

El-Fenemeno12132713d ago

i heard them confirm in an interview. Also that what-if characters won't exist. Like SSJ3 Broly and Vegeta

DrRichtofen2713d ago

^ Yeah, I do hope that SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta are in, and their fusion form too =D

RockmanII72712d ago

Did they ever say they were gonna stop at the Frieza saga because I saw SSJ3 Goku in one of the trailers.

Myst2713d ago

I'll wait till the VERY last DBZ game. Then I shall buy :p

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2713d ago

You'll be dead long before the last dbz game.

Myst2713d ago

lol! Well that's fine other games out there to unless they remake or just give an HD upgrade to legends.

Shmotz2713d ago

Ugh I would kill for a DB with all the major battles from DB - GT. However that would be the definitive game of DBZ and nobody would buy the sequels which means it will never happen.

tayz2713d ago

they already did that with Tenkaichi 3 like 5 years ago. it wad DB-DBGT. it was the definitive dbz game

Shmotz2713d ago

Yeah but it didnt go into enough of the battles. Tenkaichi 3 focused mainly on DBZ while having only the major battles of DB and GT

jwk942713d ago

shmotz, you just contradicted youself.

Shmotz2713d ago

By Major I mean all the fights with Piccolo or the drawn out battle with General Blue. Not some one time affair.

To clarify.

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