Why Some Games Should Not Include Multiplayer (ObnoxiousGamer)

Multiplayer gaming is an essential element of the gaming world, and it can make or break the playability of a game and how frequently it is purchased. However, when is throwing multiplayer into a game just that – an attachment to a game that has limited connection to the game a good idea?

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coolbeans2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Very true article when it comes to the names listed. I know I'll receive disagrees aplenty for this, but I find Uncharted 2 to fit into that crowd of tacked-on MP-like that of Bioshock 2 and Dead Space 2 mentioned-. *Sigh* I personally would've sacrified UC2's MP component altogether for 2 more new SP hours of UC2.

Quagmire2717d ago

Uncharted didnt need it, however ended up being quite successful, same with Assassin' creed Multiaplyer.

However, Dead Space 2 MP is quite bad.

femshep2717d ago

i agree multiplayer isn't necessary for all games

Assassin's Creed have be it they got lucky with there multiplayer but that dose not need it just like bioshock and especially Elder Scrolls, i know people keep saying they want multiplayer but that would in turn ruin the game....unless they dedicated to making it a fully open drop in drop out game with all provinces open

mass effect dose not need it either but they already announced so there goes that


I honestly think mp is hurting games more than helping them. All fps should have it of course but like everyone else has already said single player focused games don't need it. UC2 didn't need it in my opinion although I played it some. Demon's Souls did mp right in a single player focused game imo. Oh well I already know in a little while someone is going to post if you don't like the mp part of a game don't play it.