Comic Con will be the host of NEW Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken surprises

In the coming weeks when Comic Con approaches both Marvel and Capcom will be revealing some new info on both Marvel VS Capcom 3, and Street Fighter X Tekken

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chaolankennedy2421d ago

Phoenix Wright and Dr. Strange announcements please!

CapsLocke2421d ago

One of the good things about this one is that there gonna be some Mass Effect info, maybe even a teaser.

Vegivo2421d ago

I hear a movie announcement as well

256bit2421d ago

..usually comic con for me is all about HALL H. when it comes to announcing games at comic con its like meh to me.

dericb112421d ago

Its funny they are still looking to charge for new content but still won't fix the broken match making. Honestly they should worry about fixing the game first.