Nintendo Wii U - Next Generation Console or Not?

SegmentNext - "It is without doubt that the concept of the new upcoming Wii U is certainly captivating, to the extent that some would argue that it may well be a tap into next generation gaming. But whether or not the Wii U is more advanced than our trusted PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles, is a question worth asking".

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Wizziokid2541d ago

not, sorry but it's just better than the current gen, next gen will have to be increasingly better for myself, personally, to class it as next gen

matey2541d ago

look VP of sony mr Armstronghas clearly said openly that ps4 isnt going to be any more powerful than ps3 and its aimed at casuals and women the wiiu is many times more powerful Valves words alot more powerful get a grip the wiiu is the most next gen in graphics and controls and social gaming ie video chat straigh out the box

jwk942541d ago

He didn't even mention any company in his post so how about you take a chill pill

Kennytaur2541d ago

He said that he did not think it would be alot more powerful, as in the difference would not be as big as between ps2 and ps3. Of course the ps4 will be more powerful than the ps3.

Lifendz2541d ago

Who cares whether it's labeled "next generation" or not? What matters is whether it's enough to make you want to spend however much Nintendo decides to charge for it. Until I see an actual Wii U game, and not a tech demo or footage of PS3/360 games, I'll reserve judgment. Online functionality is also key and has gotta be better than what was on the Wii.

ProjectVulcan2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

The article is poor really. Inaccurate, lazily written, taking rumours as hard fact. 360's GPU was a custom unified design, not really related to the seperate piped X1900 series.

We don't know it uses a 4890, the rumour is it uses an R770 i.e 4730/4830/4850/4870 class. 4890 was actually coded as an R790. Fuzzy rumours.

We also know that the GPU is STILL the most important chip in the machine to roughly determine graphical performance. At best a CPU can mildly contribute to graphical tasks comparative to what the GPU does.

IF it uses a Radeon 4890 equivalent, it'll be at least 4 times faster than PS3 or 360. However if next gen rivals use modern hardware like GTX580/6990 class hardware, those are at least twice as fast as a Radeon 4890.....

N4g_null2541d ago

Vulcan is mostly right but do you know how much a hd6000 is gonna cost in a console form factor? Try $700 a pop that's more than the whole ps3 cost. Just look at what laptop charge for hd6000 cards and you know that's not going to happen.

The next batch of gpus for consoles will be from the r700-790 series with new tech from the hd6000 cards. So they are all going to be close to the same power level. Yet the hype maybe different. The tech march is slowing again.

ProjectVulcan2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

How could a 6970 for example cost $700 in a console? It wouldn't not even remotely as much. That makes no sense. Its only a $300ish card at retail with tax, with profit factored in it for AMD, the partner that brands it, and the retailer.

Fitted to a console and bought directly as an OEM part a GPU like that might cost $200 tops. That is also on the aging 40nm process, 28nm is now complete and ready for designs. That GPU, that chip on 28nm would cost significantly less to manufacture than it does currently. Sub $150 certainly to an OEM partner building consoles. Said partner would likely take a cost hit on the early machines like they have for years and years now.

Its a perfectly realistic level of performance for consoles launched in say 18 months. I don't think people realise how far GPU technology has travelled and how cheap performance will be in 12 months.

N4g_null2533d ago

Try cramming a beast like that into a console and solve all the thermo and power problems. The mobil version is very expensive. Hey but keep expecting them to just take a pc card and stick it in there.

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snipes1012540d ago

As far as I'm concerned, it is next gen. A generation of gaming can't just be defined by the technology running it, but the new ideas it brings to the table and it's hard to argue that WiiU doesn't bring some very fresh and unique ideas to the table.

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BlmThug2541d ago

Wii U Has Just Entered 7th Gen

pedrami912541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Id say it's like a PS3.5, it's slightly stronger.

Kinda like how the 3DS is slightly stronger than the PSP.

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ChickeyCantor2541d ago

or it didn't happen. "

Where is your proof on Ps3.5 powerwise?

pedrami912541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Atleast im willing to admit it.

rexbolt2540d ago

3ds is 20 times stronger then psp wth are u talking about? the psp is weaker then the dream cast with moveing pixals and jaggys ll over the place in most games even fod of wars chr modles are pixalated lets be real here 3ds is as strong as prob a wii and an xbox last time i chect the psp would crash just trying to render a finger in revalations

pedrami912540d ago

No wonder you're already ignored by 5 others.

I might just join them.

Titanz2541d ago

The fact remains that the Nintendo Wii is the best selling console of this generation(7th).

The Wii U won't be as powerful as Microsoft and Sony's future hardware systems, but it'll still be a console worth owning.

GodGinrai2541d ago

HD zelda, mario, f-zero, starfox and metroid..that is all i need from nintendo. Oh, and the ability to migrate my VC games to wiiu and play them on THAT controller. I got MS/sony for everything else.

jacen1002541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

define next gen? innovation and new ways to play should progress the generations not power nor a graphics upgrade, ps3.5 i dont think so somehow the wiiU will be more than .5 powerfull than current gen which is the easy bit as the hardware is allot more up to date and long avaliable, the use of the second screen freeing up buttons on the pad ,removing the hud from the screen and countless other options could be available with the second screen.

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