Super Mario Bros 3 to hit Wii Virtual Console - 11/5/07

Charles "The voice of Mario" Martinet confirms that Super Mario Bros. 3 will be available on the Virtual Console as of 11/5/07, along with the Genesis' Alien Soldier and the TurboGrafx-16's Power Golf.

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crank3882d ago

YAAAAAAY overpriced ROMs better emulated graphically and in sound.

Etymotic headphones, check, usb 2.0, check, MaC SNES9X, check, Recoil gamepad, check, headphone amp check.

Ummmmmmmmmmmm......... or 10 dollars for every ************* game ever made and a wallet constructed from crumbs?

Blank10173882d ago

When you can now get pretty much anything online for free we need to make a consious effort to actually support the artists/movies/games we actually enjoy.

downloading a rom of a game you cant practically play otherwise, or a movie you wouldn't be able to purchase is one thing, and I'm fine with that.

but when your favorite band puts out a CD, or a game comes out from a publisher you love. pay the coupla bucks and support them and their efforts...


Leon Kennedy3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I spent hours...and hours...and hours playing this game when
I was a kid. It was the Halo 3 of 1990!

Ri0tSquad3881d ago

wait for super mario all stars.