Best TV Show Title?

GPT: "So many video games based on television shows come out every year. Most are garbage titles that are rushed out of the door and only resemble the TV show they are based on in the graphics department. These games tend to lack polish and more importantly fun. There are titles that have been fantastic over the years but we don't think of them right away. Instead we think of Deadliest Warrior......"

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topgun332718d ago

I would love for Konami to release this through PSN, and xbox Live. When the ps3 and the xbox360 received a brand new Simpsons game, I was hoping that they will include this as an unlockable extra for beating the game. There is still hope considering that the X-men arcde game was ported over, and the ninja turtles arcade was ported to xbox live. Do you know if it will come to psn one day?

Xof2717d ago

I remember Starfleet Acadamy (PC) as being pretty good.

But, yeah, almost every licensed-game ends up being garbage, the only exceptions being crap from Japan. Most likely because they produce so MANY licensed games that a few of them are bound to be decent.