Battlefield 3 - Destruction 2.0 is not gone

SystemLink: "It's a bit hard to tell what's going on with destruction in Battlefield 3. While its predecessors let you raze everything to the ground, utter chaos on that level would be near impossible to control in the centre of Paris."

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rawrockkillz2325d ago

Makes perfect sense. You have to keep the gameplay balanced somehow.

Aggesan2325d ago

Exactly, and you could'nt demolish larger structures in bc2 either anyway.

DaTruth2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

It's damn near impossible to take down a large building without carefully placed explosives in real life anyways. Many modern buildings will survive in close proximity to nuclear blasts, and then stand for hundreds of years if left alone.

Buildings falling down in games can be great fun, but it's just not realistic and practically never happens in warzones!

2325d ago
lil Titan2325d ago

an engineer would know how to bring a large scale building down, just saying

cannon88002325d ago

Blowing up buildings, like a boss.

the_best_player2325d ago

I like making tunnels in Red Faction 1 Destruction

cannon88002325d ago

lol when i was little i loved to dig holes on the ground. I don't know why lol idk but when i first laid my eyes on red faction i fell in love with the fact that a person could destroy any part of a building and also make tunnels anywhere on the rocks, in real time!

Bull5hifT2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Weird i posted the same comment a few months ago About Red Faction and lost 2 bubbles and 50 Disagrees ..... Ohh didnt see that . Guess people really hate tunnels "Cough Mincraft cough" FortressCraft Sneeze" im Watching the NEW BOXXY video

leogets2325d ago

yeah a flattened map would suck balls. dice know what theyre doin. they r legends at mp experiance

RedDead2325d ago

Lol, lag on Psn...not surprised

Wenis2325d ago

I remember that 'knife lag/glitch' happening on all platforms, DICE eventually fixed it though.

HydroCopper2325d ago

"I remember that 'knife lag/glitch' happening on all platforms, DICE eventually fixed it though. "

Negative. That glitch never happened on the PC platform.

Hanif-8762325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Its not lag. Its just that he wasn't close enough and you don't get the level of unrealistic lunge that you get in MW games.

Bladesfist2325d ago


that was lag, their is lunge

Shackdaddy8362325d ago

Is that why there was blood and that knife animation and that knife sound? It's definitely lag. Don't kid yourself.

Besides, he was right up next to him the whole time.

Bonobo123452325d ago

Yeah they need to carefully balance the sense of freedom to destroy with what is viable as a MP map

xSnEaKy-Gx2325d ago

I have faith in Dice, even though I didn't like what they did with Medal of Honor. Battlefield 3 is looking great so far.

rezzah2325d ago

Medal of Honor was great, the SP seemed realistic at different parts.

Don't know about the MP since I never played it.

Biggest2325d ago

I wasn't aware that DICE made Medal of Honor. I thought Danger Close made the actual game.

TheDareDevil2325d ago

Danger close made the SP, and DICE made the MP

stevenhiggster2325d ago

You missed out rezzah, the multiplayer was the only bit I did like! The SP was just the usual army grunt rubbish.

BeOneWithTheGun2325d ago

I found the single player in MOH to be extremely lacking. AI that came across as seriously autistic, PS2 textures and everything a shade of brown. Enemies would literally pop out of no where and on more than one occasion I found them running into a wall for 5 minutes.

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dirthurts2325d ago

Medal of Honor was terribly underrated actually.
I really enjoyed the game.

starcb262325d ago

I loved the part were you were surrounded by the Taliban, and you ran out of ammo, then two apaches came and save the day.

Drake_Seraphim2325d ago

Dice had their hands tied with MoH. Yes they did the multiplayer but it was based off of Danger Close's sp. In Battlefeild Dice has total freedom.

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