Nintendo titles that need a HD remake

3D ports are so last month! Now it's time to consider what games need a HD remake and where better to start than Nintendo as they ready themselves for the HD jump.

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TomInc2630d ago

Wind Waker in HD would be amazing!

yen8882630d ago

Zelda is the series HD gaming was made for in my opinion

Yi-Long2630d ago

... just check out some youtube footage of the game running in HD through the Dolphin Emulator.

Such a shame that the new Wii U won't be featuring backwards compatibility for the gamecube. I was hoping I could play my old F-ZeroGX and Wind Waker in HD.

yen8882630d ago

Does the Wii-U have HD upscaling?

DarkBlood2630d ago

no it does not upscale, you'l only get 420p

Quagmire2630d ago

Metorid Prime Hunters HD please

tweet752630d ago

things should only be made in HD in compilation form at a low price point. I hope nintendo doesnt get the idea of rereleasing nintendo classics in HD in the wiiu store thinking fans will purchase them yet again.

charmer2630d ago

what? super mario bros hd in hd sprite......thats so silly if anything all the games you mention should come out for the 3ds in 3d remake and the wiiu can have its own games

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