Rumour: Eidos clinches Eastenders rights ?

MCV understands that UK publisher Eidos has secured the video game rights to leading BBC soap opera Eastenders. Though no details are yet known about the forthcoming title, the odds are that the publisher would favour a Sims-style simulation game based around the antics of the Albert Square population.

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allforcalisto3970d ago

if i was religious i think this news would have made me loose all faith .

Who the hell would want to play eastenders?!?!?!

and Eidos?! why eidos?
i'd understand if this was EA but eidos?

if they try to argue the artistic integrity of this project i'll kill something. --___--

Capt CHAOS3970d ago

deary ohh deary me, what ever next?

This is a dark day indeed for gaming and gamers.

predator3970d ago

hahaha maybe some kind of "the getaway" game and u play as the mitchell brothers hahaha, please someone sack the guy who made this deal

Neurotoxin3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Now i think is the time to stop playing computer games.

Although saying that it would be vagually entertaining to couple Ian Beale with a dog, and murder certain people....... oh such a choice selection as well.

AliC3970d ago

Dear god, please let this be a joke.

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