Game Spasm: Hands-on with multiplayer Battlefield 3 on the PS3

Battlefield 3 is one of the most-anticipated games of the year. The combat shooting video game isn’t coming out until Oct. 25, but Electronic Arts showed it off today to the press at its headquarters in Redwood City, Calif.

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curtis_boy2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

"to me, the graphics were little more fuzzy and weren’t crisp on the PS 3. It looked almost as if someone had sprinkled black dots throughout the image on the screen in a way that turned down the sharpness."


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fluffydelusions2685d ago

PS3 version looked fine to me. I'm not expecting PC graphics just something playable

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one2thr2685d ago

I'm considering on building a gaming pc (a great one) and I was wondering what is the average power consumption on a great gaming pc that can run the near future games at Max Settings? (This is a serious question)

GrilledCheeseBook2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

This system

has these results in power consumption. load and idle.

Halochampian2685d ago

My 480 sure does love to eat power...

hiredhelp2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

800watt modular see you threw most sli or xfire.

Pjuice2685d ago

get at least an 850w if your going sli, works fine for me and i have tons of usb's ports running on along with two gtx 480's

Darkfocus2685d ago

go AMD if your worried about power consumption their more recent cards slaughter Nvidia there....

AKS2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Hmm, I would say you don't need the overkill PSU that I bought, the Corsair AX1200. LOL.

It's somewhat tough to define what's a "great" PC. If you are going for crazy Eyefinity multi-monitor resolutions, you'd need a lot more power. If you are just aiming for 1080p maxed, you can probably get what you're looking for in the 800W to 900W range. Don't buy a crappy brand of PSU or motherboard. Stick with something like Corsair for the PSU and Gigabyte, MSi, or ASUS for the motherboard.

As far as video cards go, I don't know what you're willing to spend. For a single card, something like the GTX 570 or GTX 580 are really nice (but pricey).

I personally strongly considered the dual-GPU 6990 card, but I ended up going with a 2-card Crossfire setup with 2 6950s. If you are going with a 2-card setup (you can find 2 6950s for ~$430 or so total if you shop around), I'd very strongly recommend considering the AMD 6900 series. Two 6950s or 6970s in Crossfire are incredibly powerful. I just tried out the benchmark tool for Aliens v. Predator this afternoon, and I was getting >100 fps most of the time with DX11. Crossfire is where the AMD 6900 series really seems to shine, whereas Nvidia seems to have a bit of an edge with overclocking a single card setup.

one2thr2684d ago

Thanks guys, I really needed some input on this...... And what about cpu's? I was considering purchasing an i7 that clocked at 3.0 +Ghz and also does it really matter if a game has a resolution higher than 1080p, seeing that I'm going to connect the pc to my Tv and if so can any resolution higher than 1080p be displayed on a Tv that can only go up to 1080p?....... And which audio video input is best for pc to tv (HDMI or DVI)?

AKS2684d ago

For gaming, I'd say the Sandy Bridge chips are the way to go right now. I bought a i7-2600K (@ around 4.2GHz now, as I don't think I need any more than that, but you can get up to 5GHz if you want), which falls in the low $300 range. If you want to get a similar chip minus hyperthreading and a bit smaller cache, the i5-2600K can be had for around $200. I wouldn't recommend the pricey ~$1000 "Extreme" hexacores. What games even utilize that? Those chips are generally only faster than the economical Sandy Bridge chips when 6-cores are supported for the task, which isn't often, and they are quite power hungry by comparison.

As with anything related to computer tech, you could also opt to just wait awhile to see what Intel and AMD develop next. I personally thought the 2600K would be just fine for quite some time. It's very easy to overclock safely, quite efficient with the power saving features, and it's very potent.

hiredhelp2684d ago

Defo agree 2500k is almost a must. And if just for gaming its sweet spot. But if you want pay more get little more kick go for the 2600k,

But both are extreamly well liked and you can get 4g,s off the bat without need of doing anything other than your useral software for windows. If ypu unsure how to clock with bios.

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xCaptainAmazing2685d ago

that DICE will release the game on next-gen consoles as well? The console version of Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat) was released in October 2005 for Xbox, then April 2006 for 360. The game had obvious graphical advantages on the 360 version.

It seems to me like this is truly a next-gen game that only PC players will get to enjoy to the fullest. What's to stop DICE from pulling the same move again? I'd sure buy a copy for a future console if it was available.

HK62685d ago

You make a very good point. I think that would be a really smart move on their part and I would definitely buy both.

DigitalxPiracy2685d ago

While that is a valid point, I don't think the next-gen consoles will be out in 2012 and it's unlikely that they will port it once a significant amount of time has passed. DICE will be busy supporting BF3 and working on BFBC3 probably.

xCaptainAmazing2684d ago

Even so, I would still buy it in 2013. I don't see them cranking out another huge Battlefield game before then. They might, but it hasn't been their style.

For the record, I do see the Nintendo in 2012 counting as next-gen (technically speaking, it is), but I was admittedly referring more towards the next Xbox and PlayStation as you probably took it.

Trunkz Jr2685d ago

Sounds like the article was written by a CoD fanboy

ThatHappyGamer2685d ago

After reading the entire article, I felt the same too.. He kept bragging about MW3 Spec Ops and compared MW3 Spec Ops (2 gamers vs bots) to BF3 (12 vs 12). :/

shayol33t2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

"Cod..King of Shooters"

I can barely contain my laughter.

Edit: He also sounds like a retard: Urghh the Ps3 controller makes me fumble hurr durr, but xbox is fine.

ShoryukenII2685d ago

I agree. This guy sounds like your stereotypical CoD fanboy. He even prefers 360! Not that that is a bad thing. It's just when I think of CoD fanboy, I expect them to play it on 360.

Trunkz Jr2685d ago is not even a real site, someone made this just to troll BF3... go to you get ads shot at you and crap.

DoomeDx2685d ago

"Tags: Batltefield 3, call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3, Games"

Lol..Also all the related posts at the bottom are about Modern Warfare 3.

-First demo: Modern Warfare 3 promises to be another nonstop combat shooter (0)
- Yes, folks, there will be a Modern Warfare 3 video game for Christmas (0)

RBLAZE19882685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Can you expect anything different from some amateur website...Sounds like a total fanboy. Yea the controller would have made the game play better for him. Sounds like a nobbie toolbox. I can play just as good with an xbox and ps3 controller. It sounds like he's just mad he got his ass kicked

Ju2685d ago

Who is telling you that is a hobby site? How that is setup looks like well planed to discredit the game with subtle phrases through out the whole article. I cry conspiracy! Lol

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belal2686d ago

wtf, can you point out one positive sentence from this hans on preview. i smell BS.

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leogets2686d ago

i smell a cod fan boy. brings up cod a few times and wasnt any need to on a battlefield review. think its bullshit,ill re word that,its bullshit fullstop

BeastlyRig2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I am getting this on pc but I hope they can deliver & crush cod on consoles as well!!------------------------ - again..

leogets2686d ago

they had this grainy effect on bad company 1. cant see why theyd bring it back in bf3 with its so called superior engine. doesnt make sence. hoping this article is a bullshit one

DigitalxPiracy2685d ago

I think you could turn that off in BC, couldn't you?

Inside_out2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I said a day of reckoning was coming for fraudster Ea-Dice and it's fast approaching. Frostbite 2 is a decent engine on a high end PC but mediocre on consoles.

What Ea-Dice has done is no different than showing CGI trailers even tho that PC footage was nowhere near CGI.

I say FANTASTIC...they will not be able to top COD because Activision has been honest with gamers and upfront. Activision has all the money in the world and could of shown 1080p, 60 fps ( it's already 60 ) but instead they were honest and have shown the game the way millions and millions will see and play it this holiday season, starting in November.

Well done only fooled yourself and made Kotick look like a genius for calling you out for showing PC footage that about 5% of the gamers will experience.

Hoje03082685d ago

Being a fan of Activision is the gamer equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome.
"Activision has all the money in the world"
And yet they've been using the same shitty engine since 2007.

P.S. The PS3 footage we all saw still looks a world apart from that Michael Bay copycat shooter that Activision shits out every year.

ATiElite2685d ago

LOL! I was thinking the same thing while watching Transformers 3.

stu8882685d ago

buddy on this site, trust me, dont say anything positive about MW3 or negative about BF3... you will automatically become a troll or a CoD fanboy.

Most people on this site are BF fanboys.

trenso12685d ago

Its funny how that is true. While i dont support COD like i did back when COD4 was out i still give it a little attention. Even though i lean towards bf3 now. I mean people are entitled to their opinion and even if my most people think his opinion is stupid (sometimes cod players have no reason behind their statements) its still their opinion

shayol33t2685d ago

So you are telling me people hating on any Cod after the first MW (which was amazing), and before bf3 was even previewed in any sense or form, are all BF fanboys? Rather than, oh I don't know, hating a terrible game for being just that...terrible.

RBLAZE19882685d ago

it's funny that you think the footage that they show in previews or teasers for cod games is running on's usually just running on a high end pc. When they demo the game it's usually on xbox but when they show teaser trailers it's running from pc. Also I think that it's funny now that everyone is bringing up graphics when before you guys were all like gameplay>graphics. Battlefield kills COD in gameplay 100% Bad company 2 is already better than any cod multiplayer.