JD - The Witcher 2 is Accessibly Serious Fantasy - Overdue Review

JD - ​The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was conveniently released around the same time Game of Thrones was enchanting every TV owner who could afford HBO. Meanwhile computer gamers were downloading and playing Atari's dark fantasy epic. Unfortunately, I don't have HBO and wasn't downloading deep fantasy. It took me a really long time to play this game, and that's why this review is so late. I'm sorry, but I still love you.

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BeastlyRig2692d ago

Not for the casual gamer.

otacon682692d ago

Easily best game this year for me so far.I loved absolutely everything about it.

Xof2692d ago


Did you play the first game?

After the first game, I found Witcher 2 incredibly disappointing in nearly every respect.