More confirmations that Target has removed Manhunt 2

A Nintendo fan site is reporting that an electronics specialist at Target has confirmed that Manhunt 2 is being removed from all of the retailers locations. Moreover, the journalist made a check at his local Target store and found that there was not a single PS2 or PSP copy of the game to be found.

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StarsCream4062d ago

....and the gaming world falls to the double standard again

Its been over 30 years now, one would think video gaming would not be thought of as "kids entertainment" anymore. Sad really.

Sam Fisher4062d ago

thats life and it keeps getting strict and harder, next thing freedom of speech, and it keeps going to the point that it becomes a fascist world

felidae4062d ago

is the last BS i would play.

only weirdos want to play this sh1t.

StarsCream4062d ago

As opposed to people with an avatar like yours?

I dont like the game, but found your comment intensly ironic.

andy0014062d ago

It is understandable really given the bad press about the game. Besides, if it is possible for 12 year olds to get hold of Halo3 and pollute Xbox live, then it is possible for them to get hold of manhunt 2 and attract a whole bunch of parents complaints when they actually see the game. Target may not want the fallout for the sake of 1 product from a selection on 100,000's.

Unfortunately, it isn't Targets fault, its the parents who have no idea that there are games which are released for a mature audience, but then come out and complain that someone else is to blame because they can't be arsed to be a decent parent.