Disney Moving Focus From Console to Social Games

GP Editor-in-Chief, Jason Clement writes, "News of developer Black Rock's demise was unfortunate to hear, but it was one of the first moves by Disney to rearrange its resources for use toward development of games in a much different arena: social games."

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cyclonus0072536d ago

They're going from making console games I don't buy to making casual games I don't play. It's more of a lateral move, really.

Quagmire2536d ago

Disney is one of the most retarded gaming publisher. First of all, they cancel the Pirates of the Caribbean RPG Game (which was looking awesome btw, wasnt tied to any of the films, just in the same universe) being made by Propaganda Studios, force them to finish a shitty movie-based game Tron: Evolution, then shut down the company a few weeks later.

Yet they feel inclined to license a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game to coincide with the latest film (money grabbing whores)

Then they fire staff from Black Rock studios, who made the criminally underrated titles Pure and Split/Second, and then just as they are willing to make a Split/Second 2, gets the whole team shut down.

And now, they plan to release a title which is basically a Disney version LittleBig Planet rip-off.

Fuck You Disney. I hope your games sell like shit.

BubbleSniper2536d ago

Roy is doing gyro-flips in his grave atm

dangert122536d ago

Disney are not thinking about anything properly,
there just chasing the money and there style does not allow them to do that. they have no big games no b big game promotions or ad campaigns and yes they can go into the social space but its clear there just trying to grab money without effort of anything =/

Quagmire2536d ago

They are trying to exploit any form of entertainment and media in the search for more revenues, they dont care about their audience/consumers/customers, what makes them think they'd give a fuck about the gaming industry?.

Soldierone2536d ago

Visited their E3 booth and they had this huge elaborate booth for....casual games. I was like, seriously this is all you have? You are DISNEY how do you not have a vibrant game library?

I think their gaming department should shift employees, not shift focus. Work on something on a larger scale....

Inside_out2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Disney is a publicly traded company and by law, they have to turn a profit. Maybe they may return to console gaming in a big way if the money is there but right now, casual gaming is the hot ticket. It cost very little to make a garbage app and because of the volume of sales, you can make a tidy profit with next to nothing in overhead.

The Kinect game showcasing Disney is also a step in that direction. Disney's demographic is largely the IOS generation so spending money in that area would make the most sense and pay huge dividends moving business decision for Disney.

These guys are all about turning a profit and a big one at that...if they don't, they are fired and replaced...simple as that.