Chilly new level for Crysis demo

One Crysis fan hasn't sat on his creative laurels following the release of the single-player demo and has been quick to whip up a new level for the taster of Crytek's shooter. Frozen Island, as the single-player level is named, is a reworking of the official level featured in the demo and, as you can see in the screenshots, it's all gone a bit wintry.

Download mirrors for the fan-created level are available from this Crysis mod site, which also carries information on how to get the map running. CVG will have Frozen Island available for download shortly.

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Korosuke4059d ago

Wow, many user created custom maps and mods already released.
I'm looking forward to many crysis mod and community coming.

Sam Fisher4059d ago

this is sumthing to say that the ps3 got thats unique... if ps3 keeps getting modded than fuk it il be on the ps3 more often then

mighty_douche4059d ago

ps3 has MoD support for 1 games, UT3, and even then the MoDs have to be created on the pc and then converted over onto the ps3.

its gonna be a long long time (if ever) untill you see either crysis or a crysis mod on the playstation.

kittoo4059d ago

I tried it and I am having weird problems with this mod. Frame rate is almost halved, sound is stuttering all the way. Dont know whats wrong, demo was working fine.