IGN - Five Ways to Make an Uncharted Movie Not Suck

IGN - Director Neil Burger has his work cut out for him in bringing Nathan Drake to the screen.

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potedude2716d ago

Plus a good story line. So many game to movie crossovers sucked. Street fighter anyone?

Although I liked Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill.

Hanif-8762716d ago

Ifs its filled with action and suspense like the National Treasure movies then it can't go bad :-)

showtimefolks2716d ago

have ND's writers write the story not some dumm ass hollywood script writers who want a quick buck on the UC name

hire great actors and have a great setting and UC movie can not be 1:30min it should be closer to a 3rhs movie since its action adventure and puzzles

like lara craft movies

shadow27972715d ago

3 hours? Uncharted isn't that type of film. All of the Indiana Jones films are within 10 minutes of the 2 hour mark. Any longer than that and it will drag. This is not an epic like Lord of the Rings. Uncharted is a fun summer flick, they shouldn't try to make it into more than that.

thehitman2716d ago

Im sure MK movie came out before the game fyi. TBH the most movies that have sucky cross overs are the movies where they are replicating games with special powers/moves that just end up becoming corny on the big screen trying to turn it into realism.

Ares842716d ago


Wrong, game was first and the movie came after. Don't talk about things you don't know or to young to do so.

thehitman2716d ago

@ Ares your right movie was like 3 years later but during that time games and movie productions werent that amazing so turning the arcade versions of MK into a movie was an easy task.

MrSpace2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"Don't Rehash the Games"

I don't agree with this because that's the only thing I ussualy like about video game films, the bits where they actually stay true to the source material. Like the FPS shooter scene in DOOM or that fight Chris and Claire had with Wesker in RE Afterlife, the same fight Chris and Sheva had. They are the only scenes in the two films I like, the reason I loved Silent Hill was because most of it was references to the games, not all of them but it was the best try.

Directors/Writters never follow the source material what if a film finally does stick to the source material and it ends up being good. Yeah we as gamers might know what's coming next but to the general audience it might be good.

Neil the director needs to play Uncharted and stay true to the Drakes Fortune material.

I'm surprized that even though it's 2011 we still don't have a young director or screenwritter who is a proper gamer, I'm pretty sure one of us on here has a better chance at writting a film adapatation then Hollywood.

LOGICWINS2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I disagree. You can't condense a 15 hour videogame story into a two hour movie without changing some things up.

I'll enjoy SMALL bits that pay homage to the game like Nate's humor and the chemistry between him and Sully...but the majority of the movie should come from the director/writers vision. The actual game's story should only provide a base for the movie's story.

For example, imagine making a Vanquish movie and you wanted to stay 100% true to the source material. Do you think a 20-30 minute gun fight followed by a 15 minute boss fight over and over again would make sense in a 2 hour movie?

Soldierone2716d ago

The thing is you only need the cutscenes and core story to be included. All the platforming and shooting is where a majority of the extended gameplay came from and obviously you are going to condense it.

However not relating to the game at all? Thats dumb. There has to be moments where the gamers think "ha i remember that, how cool." Thats what makes these films so great.

Remember the first few comic book movies? They SUCKED. They had almost no relation to the actual comics and nobody liked them. Today they have TONS of relations to the comics and look at how thriving they are.

LOGICWINS2716d ago

"However not relating to the game at all? Thats dumb. There has to be moments where the gamers think "ha i remember that, how cool.""

Re-read the first sentence of my 2nd paragraph.

MrSpace2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I'm not talking about turning a whole game into a film

You can take the Uncharted Drakes Fortune story, stripp it of it's gameplay, take out the unneccesary parts and link some of the scenes together so they flow continually...for example where Drake and Sully are on the boat and leave Elena, you could change it to them still being on the sea plane so later on when Sully get's shot and Drake, Elena escape you can see them getting back onto the sea plane instead of a boat to set up the next scene in the game which is where they are heading straight to the island.

It's all about picking out the best, right scenes and fitting them into a nice flowing story so it seems like a film and not a game.

nCiTy2716d ago

Best way to make the Uncharted movie not suck.
- Dont make the Uncharted movie :)

wiggles2716d ago

I wish more people would realize that it's just set in stone that these movies suck lol

Miiikeyyy2716d ago

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake.

LOGICWINS2716d ago

Bradley Cooper... he looks the part and he'll be the first choice considering the director is the same guy who directed "Limitless"

Miiikeyyy2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I can't see it man, I don't think Bradley cooper looks like Nate. Fillion, on the other hand is a spitting image!

Pozzle2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I think Bradley Cooper looks more like Flynn, tbh.

But imo it's the personality that is the most important part. If an actor can pull off Drake's charm, then the audience will be able to buy that the actor is Nathan Drake.

chidori6662716d ago

this guy not looks like drake... -.-

Quagmire2716d ago

What's more important, the looks, or the personality?

gaminoz2716d ago

Fillion has both the look and the quirky humour down pat. He HAS to be the frontrunner for it.

Just watch'll see why.

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