Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

Epic's Mark Rein has talked up the importance of PC to the future of gaming, insisting: "We're at the stage in the life of the consoles where the PC has shot by them in terms of capabilities.

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Agent-862390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Really good video and interviews. Not really anti-console, but more showing what PC's can do these days. This is a great quote: "Don't forget every game that's ultimately built is built on a PC. PCs are always going to be the tools through which all games get made". They also have a good response to the PC gaming is dying crowd. Looking forward to Part 2.

Ranshak2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Well People are slowing seeing how cost effective and superior PC gaming can really be.

Most of my friends now buy games on PC. Sure they do have consoles however those consoles are reserved for the exclusives. The bulk of our purchases happen during Steam and D2D discounts. We stack up a good number of games until the next discount happens. Which basically involves picking up 7-8 games every time a discount all for under 100usd lol. Doing the same on console would cost hundereds of usd more.

Agent-862389d ago

"Sure they do have consoles however those consoles are reserved for the exclusives". That's pretty much my philosophy as well. I have a gaming PC and a PS3. Do most of my gaming on the PC, but like having the PS3 for their exclusives (plus the occasional console exclusive game like Red Dead Redemption).

Anarki2389d ago

It is also easier to pirate games on the pc. If they could find a way to get around piracy then yeah, pc would have a very good chance at taking on console gaming.

gamingdroid2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I have a sh!tty gaming PC equipped with a Geforce GT240. It is used to run StarCraft.

I prefer gaming on console, mainly because I don't want to d1ck around with settings, with Windows and such. I just want to pop a disc in, play for 60 mins when I have the time on my couch.

PC definitely has it's strengths and games are far cheaper, far more flexible (i.e more likely to have dedicated servers and if not, you might be able to host your own), and with no platform restrictions. You can use Skype or whatever you want. In addition, games can look as good as your pocketbook is deep! ;)

evrfighter2389d ago

this is the same douche that said pc gaming was dying.

lol my how the tables have turned

2389d ago
morganfell2388d ago

There is a vast chasm that exists between technology and gaming, as in what makes gaming enjoyable. Most fail to bridge the gap so that technology supports the gaming experience. Instead they believe technology = gaming. Company shills inevitably fall into this void almost every time.

mynameisEvil2388d ago

@ Anarki
Sorry to break your heart, but it is almost as easy to pirate games on consoles (well, 360 from what I remember) as it is on PC.

While I've taken an anti-piracy stance within the last 2 years, I used to pirate games a lot. And doing it on my 360 wasn't hard. After you mod it (which is definitely the most complex part, but simple if you have the right guide), al you do is download the files, extract them all, then burn it.

Voila. So, the only differences are that you need to mod it and burn the discs. Big whoop.

PC has not only "taken on" console gaming, but it clarified its superiority over consoles years ago. I'm not saying the consoles are bad, not at all, but PC gaming is just better.

P.S. Kiddies, pirating is BAD. You want the devs to make the game, right? SO GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!! That is all.

Sub4Dis2388d ago

PC gaming will always take a backseat to console gaming now that gaming is mainstream because PC gaming is simply too overwhelming of a concept to the average person.

do you know you could build a VERY nice eyefinity setup for less than $1,300 with all 3 monitors? you can max out any game currently out. an even better system if you don't care about eyefinity (which i don't).

what i find interesting though is that people act like this is the first generation where this is true. this has ALWAYS been true. pc gaming has always been miles ahead console gaming. look at the source engine. that debuted in 2004 with HL2...ps3 was still 2 years away. that engine is still being used in this generation and still holds its own very well against any other engine (looks way better than COD engine). point is, pc gaming has always been and will always be ahead of consoles. consoles can compete in the first year of a new generation, then they're behind again.

at least we can assume the next gen of consoles will finally have AA and AF. that will at least help keep them relevant (graphically) longer.

reynod2388d ago

Console gaming is actually very costly once you consider how much extra you pay per game.

Imo any serious gamer buys about 20 games a year atleast. With that sort of number paying extra per game on console can get very costly.

I would rather buy a 150-200usd gpu for the PC already at home then save on every game bought. Now that doesnt mean i dont have to own a console. Consoles are good for their exclusives.

Dee_912388d ago

The day i spend anything over $100 for a computer just to play multiplatform games with better graphics is the day im no longer a gamer
Im sorry but I dont care about graphics THAT much

But anyway im getting a gaming/ everyday pc because I need a new PC not for gaming

Substance1012388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I think Steam and the rest of the digital network has really brought PC gaming back into the limelight.

Not only are PC versions of games cheaper at launch. They are also 2x as profitable as selling a retail copy. Hence a PC game selling 1 million is as profitable as a console game selling 2million.

Lastly PC game prices fall quickly too. For instance a new game like Duke nukem was on discount on Steam for 24usd, you wont get that price on console. Add in the fact the cheaper version bought on PC will also work on the next PC which user may buy, however any game bought today on console has no assurity that it will work on the next hardware.

Hence in the end not only do people end up spending more on console, they get lesser version while not knowing if it will work with future hardware, nvm the lack of mods or control options.

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Spinal2389d ago

Totally agree here. My core gaming is done on my PC Rig. But I also have all three consoles for their exclusives. upon many things the PC is home to my favorite genre which is the MMO genre and thats why consoles could never replace it.

I'm looking forward to Battlefield 3, Gears 3, SWTOR, Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 to name a few =)

N4Gsukballs2389d ago

And Yet all Epic Makes These Days are console Games. What a joke, Im Not Ranting But i think it sucks that We Have Got 3 Gears of war this gen And Only One Unreal Tournament. I hope After Geow3 They Focus more on Pc.

starchild2389d ago

I'm not anti-console either. I own all the current gen consoles and have owned most of the consoles in past generations. That said, I do have admit that the PC is where I play most of my games. The consoles are necessary for me simply for the exclusives I want that aren't available on the PC.

Most games are available for the PC, though, and there are many advantages to playing said games on the PC: better graphics and performance, more flexibility, cheaper game prices, and significant backwards compatibility.

Still, even though it is my preferred platform, I realize that not everybody has the same tastes or needs.

TBM2388d ago

i'm cool gaming on consoles, i get exclusives and 3rd party games. its just more comfortable for me, and i don't really go all gaga over max settings for games as i'm totally ok with how the games look on both HD consoles.

what i find weird is if it has shot by consoles, and they feel more people are gaming on pc's why arent giving pc gamers more exclusives, or going full out with the development of the games on them?

let's look at Battlefield 3 i know it looks stunning on PC at max settings, but it still looks good on both the PS3, and 360. i myself already have the game preordered on the PS3 and will be playing it with friends.

subtenko2388d ago

ok.......ya kno PC gaming is cool and stuff, but its not the standard anymore if anyone is thinking it will be the normal. Console gaming will always be the popular choice.

Also, personally I have a different experience when it comes to PC gaming vs console gaming. but I like both, but overall I think I prefer console gaming now-a-days.

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trancefreak2389d ago

Yes indeed and I am glad that we will be moving forward with our PCs'

I want to play with this good stuff on my gaming rig. That is why I built it.

Just waiting for SSD drives to grow in capacity and lower in prices ,but I do plan to get an Intel Sata 3 SSD drive for my OS and some crucial programs.

I will holding to my I7 2600k for awhile and just upgrade my GTX 570 gpu in a year or so. Vram will be an issue I believe on my card since it is at 1280mb
I noticed all the new nvidia cards doubled the perspective cards Vram.

BeastlyRig2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

"We're at the stage in the life of the consoles where the PC has shot by them in terms of capabilities."

This was still true in 2007 with crysis! 1 year after ps3 was released & pc already blew it out the water!

To bad it was so badly coded & un-optimization for people to play it maxed.

trancefreak2389d ago

The gtx 8800 was a huge upgrade and it was a beast.

If the ps3 would have had that as a hybrid card with the 768mb of ram and the cell the console would of been a serious monster for some time with the cell.

That would of made the ps3 probably a 1200 unit(speculating) and the ps3 would of had to of launched probably at least 2 years later. 8800 gtx also was a great heater in the winter time but I loved that card for 4 years strong. Rip my beloved 8800 gtx LOL.

Mr_Lu_Kim2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I feel your pain my 8800GTS (640mg) OC verison died recently. God I loved that card. It still maxed everything that wasn't DX11.

Louis_Guzman2389d ago

Also too bad that Crysis wasn't know..good game.

nickjkl2389d ago

it was true when a gpu came out that was more powerful than the console

its true for pc when a gpu outperforms a gpu you bought

seriously its annoying same with all these people asking for another console gen just so they can get a jump in graphics what will those people do when amore powerful gpu come out ask for another console gen

Bonobo123452388d ago

Gonna max crysis tonight and see for the first time with my own eyes what all the hype is about.

I paid £10 for it and it better blow my fucking mind with all the hype this game gets even years after release.

f7897902388d ago

I don't know about blowing your mind, but remember this came out in 2007. 2007!

But yeah... it's horribly coded to kill whatever you play it with.

maniactadpole2388d ago

If it doesn't impress you, then download couple of mods for the game.After applying the mods, I can guarantee you that you will definitely be AMAZED by the graphics.

Bonobo123452388d ago


Did it and to be fair it was pretty sweet, I'm not used to full 1080p resolution and the game really shows its colours on max.

It is deserved of the hype, The textures and shading are amazing. But a lot of current games have superior polygons and are just as pretty. Its just a pity consoles can't run them on 1080p
with a nice frame rate.

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MrDead2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

this site use to have news ............lord help us all.

trancefreak2389d ago

Not to be a dick but that was good news.

1: They discussed how much more powerful the pcs are now compared to consoles.

2:how much game technology has advanced to with especially in regards to ill give you 1 tessellation.

3:The new engines that the next gen could feasibly use at a good price point in the next 2 years.

4: What they expect the console makers to produce in regards to hardware to push this new tech.

These guys are our tech gurus and game gods who will push the future now and later.

Very optimistic after watching the video.

MrDead2389d ago

We all know that a machine that you can infinitely upgrade can give you better visual quality then a 5-6 year old system. But dont sideline consoles because the graphics arnt on par with moddern PC's. Games are made to entertain no matter what they look like yes its important to keep upping the tech but this doesn't necessarily mean better games and I think alot of people on this site miss that point.

There will be a new Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo but until then cant we just enjoy what they offer instead of moaning and complaing. I still enjoy my Amiga and Atari Lynx as much as my PC and PS3.

Louis_Guzman2389d ago

You have to understand that Pc gamers are in a desperate situation. So desperate that they'll embrace any game, no matter how crap it is, as long as it's exclusive to the pc or atleast is released first on the pc (examples being The Witcher and Crysis). Thankfully, they are a vocal minority and generally inhabit online gaming forums. They're generally an ill-tempered lot, mad because consoles stole their cookies. They are obnoxious, but their tears...oh their tears are so sweet.

trancefreak2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

They arn't sidelining sh1t did you guys watch the video.

They are discussing the future. we can still keep njoing the current gen of consoles I do for sure.

But one day we will move forward. Is that why I got got so many disagrees because I critiqued the video?

Seriously watch the video.

This video is A+ for the future.

Hey louis pc gamers desperate over what? I have both consoles and a high end pc so what is it that your are saying?

Tell me again? desperation man there are so many games on pc and my ps3 exclusives I cant handle them all. Please don't tell me you got your head wrapped around a single box.

I gotta live my life like BBQ and drink beers.

Bladesfist2389d ago

@Louis_Guzman You have to understand that we have more exclusives than you and a wider variation of games and mods too keep us entertained indefenitly. Just look at Terraria, Red Orchestra 2, Witcher, Witcher 2, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Most mmos, Loads of RTS, Interstellar Marines, Crap loads of indie games. Also with all the games also available on console we get a superior version and often mods.

stu8882388d ago

the best 2 games on that list are coming to console... just saying...

I didn't even think crysis was that good. Crysis 2 certainly was worse than crysis 1. Crysis 1 was basically Far Cry with aliens instead.

HaloSpartan2389d ago

It's always been like this. PC will always be ahead. You can play a game like gta 3 on pc and see it vs a console. It amazing how much better it looks on PC.

trancefreak2389d ago

yeah it does but some peeps cant handle that fact that their system is in its twilight graphically.

The games still rock on consoles just the graphics can only go so far on a closed system.