OXM: Grand Theft Auto V announcement “later this summer”

Gema: "Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced soon, if the “Crystal Ball” section in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine is to be believed."

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omi25p2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Im getting tired of these Grand Theft Auto V speculation articals.

colonel1792348d ago

OXM: Grand Theft Auto V announcement "later this summer"

Later this summer: GTAV announce exclusively for PS3


Mista T2348d ago

not a chance of it happening, would lose too many sales

ZombieAssassin2348d ago

R* does owe Sony money though I believe, although I agree no way itd be exclusive to any console...they could give them exclusive DLC or timed exclusive of some sort to make up for it.

Master_S2348d ago

No,for Wii U exclusive.

Dave13512348d ago

that would be a day i wouldnt wanna live on this planet anymore

StarWolf2348d ago

i hope so. that would piss off so many people <3

nintendo #1

XRider2348d ago

GTAV on a Wii U and not held back by old outdated hardware like PS3 and 360. I'm in :)

MrSpace2348d ago


Oh it wasn't like that when the 360 held back the PS3 version...GTA4 could of been amazing

BlmThug2348d ago

Then They Might As Well Releases It For NextBox And PS4 And Forget About Wii U

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No_Pantaloons2348d ago

Why did you even bring up exclusive. You KNOW it won't be, and even a "what if" is just stupid fanboism, not humor. You sheep get soooo tiresome.

As for the article, nothing new. Of course its well under way, everyone already knows that as no company would ever leave a several million seller like that on the shelf for years.

colonel1792348d ago

I know it won't happen. I just thought it was funny that Xbox mag is reporting an announcement but then he announcement is made for another console.

Although who knows? maybe it could be announced first for Wii U? Since it will be at least "slightly more powerful than PS3 and 360"

skeletonss2348d ago

i guess people still act like idiots on this site huh?

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koh2348d ago

I don't get why everyone wants exclusives. Play it on the console or PC that you want to play it on and end it there. I vaguely get why PC gamers do it since consoles are falling behind, but damn if it isn't annoying to hear everyone whine about it.

Arnon2348d ago

"I don't get why everyone wants exclusives."

Because they've all run out of things to bicker over.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Really hope something is announced soon...

I like Gta but im so bored of Liberty City and the graphics are getting old as well. Red Dead was good but i need GtA!

xenophage2348d ago

I doubt GTA would be announced at Gamescom. I expect more casual crap or stuff no one really cares about.

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The story is too old to be commented.