VelocityGamer writes: In this corner weighing in at 180lbs at 5'10” we have Bioware and Bethseda. In the other corner weighing in at 160lbs at 5'3” we we have Square-Enix and Konami. Which one of these two competitors will prove the strongest? Or are they even fighting in the same ring?

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bwazy2422d ago

If you mean FFXIII vs Mass Effect then ME literally and I mean LITERALLY takes the worlds biggest dump on FFXIII.

No contest

No way in hell

I'm stating this as FACT, Logical fact. The kind of fact that would be idiotic to ignore.

MaxXAttaxX2422d ago

There's no use in comparing anything to FFXIII.
If XIII was the representation of all JRPGs I would never play them.

bwazy2422d ago

Murderface approves of this message.

4221852422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

@ bwazy
I agree with you, On the other hand if you put FFX vs ME then FFX "LITERALLY takes the worlds biggest dump on ME."

MaxXAttaxX2422d ago

FFX's battle system was its strongest asset.

slayorofgods2422d ago

Are people too young to remember how great jrpg's were prior to this generation?

ps1 and ps2 jrpg's > 360 & PS3 wrpg's.

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RBLAZE19882422d ago

It's not fair for them to use one of the best wrpg games and one of the worst Jrpg games for this comparison. What a loaded comparison for the wrpg many better examples

Pozzle2422d ago

FFXIII wasn't great, but it's hardly "one of the worst JRPG games". Seriously, try playing some JRPGs from lesser known studios. They're downright painful. x_x

RBLAZE19882421d ago

no they're one of the worst Jrpg's i've ever played...i've never not completed an rpg game except for FF13 and I have been playing them since the ps1. None have been such a huge let down and with the pedigree the FF games have it was even more disappointing

Pozzle2420d ago

You haven't played too many JRPGs then. Seriously, try playing something like Chaos Wars, Call for Heroes, or Metalheart. Those games are awful to the point of being almsot broken. They make FFXIII look like a masterpiece by comparison.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2422d ago

Meh, FFXIII sucked but Mass Effect was complete shit as well. Gaming in general is going down the toilet.

tplarkin72422d ago

The great thing about JRPGs is the art design and the female characters. Women enjoy being feminine in JRPGs. This is not the case with the vast majority of WRPGs.

WRPGs are usually fugly. Mass Effect is one of the few WRPGs that have feminine women and an art design without poo smeared on peoples faces.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2422d ago

Actually, I thought Mass Effect (especially 2) was garbage. Terrible Tps gunplay bolted onto some rpg conventions and a throwaway dialogue system. Still, they were better than FFXIII, didn't sell as much, but were better.

Chrono2421d ago

Classic JRPGs >>>>>>> WRPGs and current-gen JRPGs

rezzah2421d ago

thats ur personal opinion

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Godmars2902422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

JRPGs just came in crippled this gen as far as HD consoles go.

And I know some idiot is going to point Lost Odyssey or say they like FFXIII, while ignoring the fact that LO was considered a retro title. Not an example to set standards.

And if you like FFXIII - do I honestly have to go into the issues that have been stated and restated around it?

As for WRPGs, they're no different from JRPGs in that they haven't basically changed, but were able to adapt to the 360 and PS3. Oblivion is just an updated Morrowind.

just_sayin2422d ago

jrpgs i love the latest in the tales series Vesperia,Grace f,Xillia>Mass Effect

Peaceful_Jelly2422d ago

only if you're a hardcore weaboo...

ZoidsRaven2422d ago

Konami? Square-Enix? FF XIII?
Is it just me, or was bad JRPG games/makers picked to make WRPGs look better?

Peaceful_Jelly2422d ago

I think FFXIII has the highest metacritic between all the current-gen Jrpg's. We really need a new SMT to save us all! @[email protected]

Pozzle2422d ago

Probably because reviewers don't like giving JRPGs a chance. There are quite a few JRPGs I'd say are better than FFXIII, but because they aren't called "Final Fantasy" reviewers either totally ignore them or give them shitty scores for being too linear, or having an outdated battle system, or having too-long cutscenes, etc. The same stuff they praise FFXIII for.

TheColbertinator2422d ago


Actually its Demons Souls and Valkyria Chronicles.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2422d ago

Persona 4 and that Mario and Luigi rpg ranked highly as well.

ZoidsRaven2421d ago

And you think that makes FF 13 a good game?
Residence of Fate takes a sh!t on that JRPG sell-out. 7_7

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