Skyrim Streamlining Removes Confusion, Says Bethesda

Bethesda is hoping that players will be able to make their ideal character first time in Skyrim.

Skyrim design director Todd Howard said that the streamlining of some of the game's systems compared to previous Elder Scrolls games is not about increasing accessibility for new players, but removing confusion for everyone.

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BeastlyRig2714d ago

I'm glad. I didn't know what I was choosing when I played Oblivion, and I didn't know how the level up system worked, I was never given proper combat tutorial. I really felt like this was a game that was not designed with new players in mind.

Oh well At least we have the witcher 2..

If the witcher 3 is influenced by 360 then it's over..

Tommykrem2713d ago

I sort of liked that. Discovering things thirthy hours into the game, because you had to figure it out for yourself has added a lot to the Elder Scrolls series, and I like when games are a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but there's definitely a thing or two that should be more self-explanatory in Skyrim.

BioDemon-2713d ago

I'm actually digging the streamlining. It's not like they are taking out anything important, and they're designing the whole interface to be more slick and intuitive. Can't wait for this game to drop, day one for sure.

MasterCornholio2713d ago

I pray that they dont screw this up on the PS3. They showed off footage of the 360 version at E3 which makes me worry about the PS3 one. I hope its playable on Sonys console.

Bonobo123452713d ago

Don't worry it will be fine, they say its because the developer xbox is generally easier to demo on, which is why they use it.

I will get the PS3 version but may be tempted to pick up the PC version instead now that I can run it...

Blackdeath_6632713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

the xbox was easier to demo on and todd howard said the first footage is just the base line meaning that when ppl see that footage and think its good they will be even happier when they see pc footage. the demo on the xbox is not a symbolic action it was merely what they had to offer. also if you liked the xbox footage thats what you should expect or better.

about the article though skyrim is actually my first (well gonna be) game i play from the elder scrolls series. i have played oblivion but only barely. i think making it simple plays to my advantage i just hope the elderscrolls fans dont get angry cus its a big fan base out there. after all theres no point introducing new fans if your existing fans are gonna leave.

TacoTaru2713d ago

I was always a "day one" buyer for games like this, but after seeing "improvements" in Bioshock 2, FF XIII & XIV, and Dragon Age2 I am much more cautious about being first. The things I loved about the originals seem to always be changed to make them more action oriented and simplified. The more they talk about this game the more I believe I'll wait until in depth reviews show up before making it mine.

eak32713d ago

What they addressed in Skyrim is exactly the kind of things I was doing in Oblivion. Id play a character for about 10-15 hrs then decide to try out something different. I like the idea of that whatever you just happen to be using as you level along will define your class. The perk system will help boost those roles not limit what you can or cant do.