Nintendo: The Wii U will not have the same software problems as the Wii

Looks like the Nintendo is going all out on this system. Its gonna be good.

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XabiDaChosenOne2718d ago

Hope not, first step is recognizing the problem, which is the Wii library.

just_looken2718d ago

You forgot not 1 Nintendo machine can play a simple cd not to mention dvd's Nintendo always old tech the wiiu will be a $600 machine for kids.

StarWolf2718d ago

lol who cares, its called netflix. whats a "dvd" lmao get with the program

ozstar2718d ago

Completely agree. Obviously including the ability to play Bluray films on the PS3 was the key reason for its market leading success!

oh wait nevermind

Xof2718d ago

Well then... why don't they FIX the Wii's software problems instead of abandoning the console and shifting focus? It's not like it's an incurable illness: if the problem is that the Wii has too few good games, MAKE MORE GOOD GAMES.

Simple, right?

Or, alternatively, try localizing games that appeal to core gamers instead of giving the entire North American community a giant middle finger.

death2smoochie2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

It's not that simple...

The "good games" as you call it would mostly come from 3rd party developers and as seen with the few core games released NOT made by Nintendo, sold poorly.
So you have to ask yourself, why would 3rd party developers put in the time, money and man power to create "good games" when the demographics for the Wii does not buy those games in general?
Take a look at sales for all NON owned Nintendo games on the Wii that are core games and not casual...The numbers are telling...
It's too late for the Wii...
Good games won't help them now...

kneon2718d ago

And the Wii U could have similar problems. How many will it have to sell before 3rd party developers will be willing to make a AAA game for the Wii U? And what happens if again the games don't sell because the demographic for most of those games already have an Xbox and/or a PS3?

If the Wii U online sucks, which there is a good chance it will from what we've been hearing, then I wouldn't expect much adoption from the XBox and PS3 crowd. It could be tough going for the 3rd parties, if that happens then the Wii U will be the Wii all over again, without that massive adoption by casual players.

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I must agree with your alternative.

But when it comes to fixing that issue on the Wii itself, it's kinda hard to expect much core game support from third-party developers that want to move on. It would be all up to Nintendo itself to deliver the goods more often than they have.

That's why I think the Wii-U may not have the same issues as it has better and more enticing hardware for them to work with.

Kamikaze1352718d ago

Because they're shifting focus onto the Wii U. It's already too late to start gaining more fans from the Wii since people already label it as a casual console with one or two good games. Wii U seems to be targeting the typical casual Wii fans along with the more hardcore fans.

Also, these "good" games take years to make and it's only logical that developers start to ditch the Wii now so that the Wii U can have some phenomenal titles within a year of release.

ChickeyCantor2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Iwata stated that in an interview that the WiiU wasn't going to be announced this year. But the rumors got so close to the actual thing they had to.

egidem2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

else {
Just finishing your if statement in your picture there. :)

ChickeyCantor2718d ago


An else is not a necessity. Only if the logic requires is =).

jacksheen00002718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Because the Wii lack the horse power to deliver anything better then what they have already been developed in the past; graphically wise. Call of Duty is a prime example.

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death2smoochie2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

The software problems arises because the Wii was essentially a GameCube with motion controls and most 3rd party developers did not want to gimp the hell out of their titles to fit on a system that was lacking in every way possible compared to the Xbox360 and PS3 in the processing arena.
Moreover, it became a fully casual console and games OTHER than Nintendo's 1st party exclusives and a select few dance and casual games sold poorly.
Why put core games on the Wii if they would not even give a basic return of investment for those 3rd party developers?
That's why we did not see decent 3rd party support for the wii.
Lets see if Nintendo can change this with the Wii-U....

TacoTaru2718d ago

meh - Nintendo won't even localize a few games for the Wii that many people want. Xenoblade? Would it be that expensive to just add English subtitles? I don't have much faith in them anymore.

MachoMoustachio2718d ago

I don't understand what Nintendo is gonna do when the next Xbox and PlayStation have graphics far superior than the Wii U.

It might just be the Wii all over again.

NLGSean2717d ago

Yeah, its REALLY going to suck if the Wii all over again and Nintendo sells another 84 million consoles...

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