NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT SLI @ BFG OC Review

The GeForce 512MB 8800 GT will fill a gap, a gap that the 320MB model has set. Yet due to it's lower pricing (199 to 259 USD) will compete directly with the 8600 GTS.

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mighty_douche4062d ago

maybe on price, but thats where the comparisons end, the GT is a true beast of a card for its price, it blows the 8800GTS 320/640 out of the water and only just falls short of the GTX.

if your looking for a new card this is the one to get! you can even get 2 of these for the same price as the GTX! seroius valve for money here people!


Bonsai12144062d ago

80% of the performance of a GTX for 50% of the cost. its truly a great deal. i would buy one but i don't have a desktop.. haha

especially if you SLI them, its even more impressive.

Golem4062d ago

I just bought this card and it is very impressive. I upgraded from my old box which had a radeon 9800 and the difference is incredible. For any computer gamer it'll be important to jump on the newer video card wagon with all of the games around recently such as the orange box, bioshock, crysis, etc. It's good to see the technology advances these companies are making are keeping the prices of the cards relatively low.

skagrerrrr4062d ago

right, a sub 300 USD GPU that's gonna be reasonably priced to SLI unlike it's cousins the GTX & GTX ultra

bourner4061d ago

i dont knowe much a bout computers but do us components work in europe ?

Golem4061d ago

Outside of the power supply I would think the same US part would be compatable in Europe. You'd want to check your system specs to make sure the motherboard could support and give enough power to the video card if that's what you were after. Just do a lot of reading about your system and its components and it'll be worth it in the long run.

US and Europe power supplies are different due to the outlet power variance between the two countries. 100-127V/60Hz for the US, 220-250V/50Hz for Europe as well as the socket difference.

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