Resident Evil: Capcom Takes Big Risk With Resident Evil Revamp

Is Capcom’s new direction worthy of the loyal fans Resident Evil has earned over the years. After playing the game it’s definitely a different experience than the RE games of old.

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LOGICWINS2717d ago

"The biggest difference in Resident Evil: Opertaion Racoon City, is that the game is more of a shooter, than a survival horror game, and Slant Six’s shooting design is clearing represented. If you loved Socom Confrontations, Operation Raccoon City should have you feeling right at home."

So they're making it more like Socom now..what kinda bull is this?

Ser2717d ago

What frightens me even more is that they're trying to make it like Socom: CONFRONTATION.


xPhearR3dx2717d ago

I've played it. It doesn't feel anything like SOCOM Confrontation. I can tell you right now because I f**** hated Confrontation with a passion. It was clunky, buggy and a complete piece of shit. This may not be a traditional RE game, but from what I played it was pretty fun.

spunnups2717d ago

this game is going to fail so hard, why are developers so DUMB?! good lord just ask a few of your fans and they will tell you exactly what sucked about RE5, unbelievable. i hope this bombs. this pisses me off. sorry.

RE1 will forever be one of the greatest survival horrors of all time and will probably never be touched, unfortunately.

SuicidalTendencies2717d ago

At least this game actually has zombies.

RonRico2717d ago

cough cough... MW3...(is gonna sucksuck)

Pintheshadows2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Why do some developers just not get it. They revolutionised with 4. 5 was good but co-op breaks tension and then this. It is on a depressing downward slide. Capcom needs to take a step back and take stock. They might benefit from looking at Deadspace.

Me too man. Me too.

Ser2717d ago

Capcom has already said that Resident Evil 6 will be different from 5. I think they realize that they messed up the feeling of horror in 5.

Jeez, I really hope they don't fudge up RE6...

DeadlyFire2717d ago

RE 6 will be like RE 4. A brand new way to play RE. RE 5 was aimed to be co-op all the way through. If they axed co-op in that game it wouldn't be so bad.

GunofthePatriots2717d ago

It's not like it's a main installment in the series. It's only a side project....I don't see what the big deal is.

Reminds me of the Outbreak series.

IrieMars2717d ago

This game is nothing like Socom. Your dropped into a city with tons of zombies, hunters, US Marines etc. Your constantly under attack. It's fast, crazy, and a whole hell of a lot of fun. Think of it as a pumped up Merc mode with objectives. This guy probably didn't get hands on, he just saw a video on youtube ane read a few articles online...Jackass!

Your right, this is a side project that is more like an updated Outbreak.

grifter0242717d ago

The whole Resident Evil franchise was about being in a almost hopeless situation with little ammo for good weapons and alone.

How does a Mercenary story contribute to the Resident Evil Franchise?

I gave up after RE5 when they Killed the main dude in the entire franchise.

RE0 is my favorite though....THAT coop was pretty well done compared to RE5.

I'm skipping this and IF the new Silent Hill bombs then the horror genre has lost two heavyweights.

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