Top 5 Games Missing From E3 2011

History tells us that most big announcements happen at two of gaming’s biggest shows. One being E3, the other big show being TGS; if the games developers are based in japan.

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RedDead2537d ago

I feel retarded but, is there only 4 there?

Max payne, DMC, Rising, Last G and?

SageHonor2537d ago

YES i only saw 4...

MGS Rising
Max Payne 3
Devil May Cry 5
Last Guardian

What was the last game?

KingofGambling2537d ago

not only the last game is missing at E3 2011
it also miss in this article.
Must be an epic game.

Legion2537d ago

Almost like the article was saying Devil May Cry 5 and DMC are two different games being mentioned???? Weird. And if these are the Top 5 games missed from E3 then we didn't miss too much. Last Guardian maybe... but everything mentioned is nothing on my radar yet.

TheCagyDies2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

"Ninja theory was requested by Namco Bandai to head up development on Devil May Cry 5, or DMC"

"Namco Bandai’s booth featured everything from Dark Souls to Ace Combat, but the Devil was crying when he realized the show went on without him."

...........umm, CAPCOM??? And DmC was at E3.