The Future of Battlefield

IGN: were getting a new Battlefield this year, and it looks phenomenal.
We're looking to the future - five years from now.

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Cereal2715d ago

Future of Battlefield = Online passes

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

i'm pretty sure this game will have one but not a big deal. Your not helping them by buying a used one anyway so what's bad about spending $10 to play online if you got a used copy?

Cereal2715d ago

I don't mind having online passes if they're using dedicated servers but if they're not then I think it's retarded.

ViserysTargaryen2715d ago

I don't buy games to help the developers. That is the last thing on my mind when I pick up a game. This supporting the developers crap is for fanboys and that's why the industry is in the monetizing nickle and dime bullshit state that's it is in. The developers doesn't need help, they need to moderate their greed. You can never help or support EA enough, they will always want more and more and more.

Ser2715d ago

I have no qualms with buying the game new. I want to support DICE.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2715d ago

I don't know in the future i think i will get bored of battlefield just like i've gotted bored of Cod. I've been playing Since Battlefield 1942 and they've changed the game enough for me not to get bored... But so far they are doing things like Full destruction.. What else will they be able to do in the future? It will have done it all by that point.

Hopefully a future battlefield implements a Map Maker of some sort.

CaptCalvin2715d ago

A map maker for Battlefield would be considered a part of Battlefield' past, starting with Battlecraft for Battlefield 1942. The future for Battlefield will sadly be DLC maps and other things, which is where the whole industry's going. Very unfortunate.

Close_Second2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

If BC3 has a $hit multiplayer lobby like BC2 then EA can suck my hairy balls. Honestly, I have a 10Mbps connection and it means dick because they dont list games. They pick one for you. How many games do I end up in where there is at least a .5 second lag! I would not chose to join such a game because its damn near unplayable.

What's with all these $hit multiplayer lobbies. F**king last gen was better. I think if they are going to start making you pay for multiplayer passes they should provide stats on how many still play in your part of the world otherwise they are taking your money and just pi$$ing all over you.

StankyChicken2715d ago

U mad bro? Oh and it's BF3, not BC3.... Fail

Close_Second2715d ago

Wow, if you had not corrected me no one would have known I was referring to BF3. Oh thanks cuz. Have a wing of fried chicken and gibblets on me.

ViserysTargaryen2715d ago

Oh I see your problem, you're playing on the console. This doesn't happen in the PC version.

Close_Second2715d ago

PC multiplayer is for real hardcore gamers. Sick of all the dumbed down crap for consoles.

Funny, console gamers look down on casual gamers yet console gaming is almost casual from a PC perspective.

DeadlyFire2715d ago

You do know BC2 was basically a console port to PC. It is why lobby system is a little weird and fov/gun looks little out of place.

BF 3 will have proper PC setup as its based development is on PC.

Hufandpuf2715d ago

This article makes no sense. I thought they would be talking about the future of the franchise, not the features. If they were talking about franchise, I'd say after BF3, finish up Mirror's Edge 2, then make Battlefield 2143 remake.

DeadlyFire2715d ago

Indeed. They don't even talk much about the features.

Don't forget Medal of Honor 2 MP, and Bad Company 3 likely in the mix somewhere. I hope for a 2142/2143 sequel at some point. There is also BF 3 DLC that is sure to come about. I hope BF 4 is at least 4 years away.

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