Microsoft works family angle in new Xbox ads

Video game makers have a bold plan to save the American family. Well, sort of. Bringing families and friends together is the marketing hook behind Microsoft's Xbox, as well as promotions from rival Nintendo for its Wii game system. The tech titans want to reach beyond teens and adult technophiles and ring up more business from casual gamers.

An ad for Xbox shows a group of gamers arriving at a shopping mall parking lot by hot-air balloon then turning the lot into video game central.

"We're growing our consumer base," says Jeff Bell, a Microsoft (MSFT) corporate vice president, about the company's new ad campaign and the Oct. 22 launch of the family-oriented Xbox 360 Arcade console. "We want to broaden our appeal."

When the original Xbox arrived in November 2001, it was targeted at hard-core gamers, such as "the stereotypical young male dressed in black and living in the basement of his parents' home," Bell says. Microsoft now wants to show that gaming doesn't have to be just an individual endeavor.

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kingme714061d ago

The controller alone for the PS3 and 360 is intimidating enough for casual gamers. The Wii is dancing circles around these 2 consoles in attracting casual gamers, with the simple wiimote and easy to pick up and play minigame type software.

I don't see the PS3 or 360 making much of a dent in the casual market like the Wii can.

fresco4061d ago

my nephews and niece want 360s for xmas all the sudden

cow moolester4061d ago

Well the 360 is just as popular as the Wii in Ireland.The 360 is the lads console while the 360 is for the girls or someone who already has a Ps3 or 360 ....The Ps3 isn't very popular here....Ps2 rules all though!

Grassroots4061d ago

Wonder what the young ones will think when they have hardware problem. I mean honestly, I knew about the problem from the internet, and friends. Feel bad when they want to play, ummm, what good kid games are on the 360. Just get them a Wii, Mario is better for them.

TrillHeat9544061d ago

Msoft is advertising this as a family system which is great but what happens when they go try to find more family centric games??? theres not many