Sony is the Next Nintendo

Jake Weston from gamrFeed writes:-
"Nintendo holds a very special place in the hearts of millions (if not billions) of gamers around the world, and for good reason. Not only are the almost singlehandedly responsible for gaming's place in pop culture today, but their many mascots and franchises are beloved the world over, from Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, Kirby, and many more. There appears to have been a paradigm shift in recent years, however. As years go by, Nintendo seems to care less and less about the fanbase that brought them where they were today. Between their lack of new IP's for the Wii, or their blatant refusal to bring highly demanded titles to North America, it is clear that Nintendo has seen better days. However, there is a company that is actively trying to take Nintendo's place: Sony."

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Organization XII2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Hmm, I honestly am not sure. As the story goes, approximately 450,000 years ago, a planet outside of our own solar system known as Nibiru or Planet X, 'died' or suffered a grave misfortune which forced its inhabitants to flee for their very lives. One might feel some empathy for these guys, until the following is revealed: this was a race of supremely intelligent 'super-beings' who dabbled in bio-medical, genetic and technological mysteries and who, despite their physical "golden Nordic' beauty and impressive (giant) height, were reputed to have been excessively arrogant, tyrannical, cannibalistic and sexually perverted. Their eventual reputation could be described in one word: evil.

Eventually who knows, Sony might be the next Nintendo, and Microsoft the next Sony?

Jio2388d ago

What did I just read?

TheHater2388d ago

An Ancient Sumeria belief of the begin of MAN on Earth.

socomnick2388d ago Show
ASTAROTH2388d ago


LOL Sony is hated by you and other xbox fanatics who dont enjoy games just a console...

It seems to be hated by north americans but not by much... if SONY is sooo hated why the PS3 sold better than the 360 WW yet another month??

In MS's land the 360 outsold the PS3 for a mere 8,000 units when in Japan the PS3 outsold the 360 by more than 20,000 . . . thats a huge difference and doesnt make Sony hated...not even in US.

Another thing is that Sonys franchises are beloved by gamers... not trolls like you. There are a lot of gamers and a lot of IP's for SONY's consoles. A lot of great first party games that are going to keep differentiating SONY from the rest.

When Nintendo announce at least 3 new IP's for the WiiU then maybe I start thinking of buying one. For now the Wii U is another cash machine for NINTY... just like my dusty Wii.

RememberThe3572388d ago

ASTAROTH just fell into a troll trap...

Lord_Sloth2388d ago

yes but the troll has no more posts to it's irrelevant.

HardCover2387d ago

TheHater, the Sumerians didn't believe that. Zecharia Sitchin simply misinterpreted the tablets.


Jamzluminati2387d ago

How is Sony the next Nintendo when they are already better?

We are watching

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Mr Tretton2388d ago

Well....that was uncalled for.

egidem2388d ago

AAh, someone didn't read the article!

jacksonmichael2388d ago

You watch Ancient Aliens too, bro?:)

Livin_in_a_box2387d ago


I'm not so sure either. I think Nintendo are in a slow decline (very slow, I should add) but I don't think Sony are rapidly gaining more support. It's pretty even between Microsoft and Sony (sure, 360 has sold more, but the PS3 is catching up).

However, I think the Vita will be huge for Sony. It's their chance to gain more support and show that they can dominate the handheld market. I'm personally hoping that the Vita does well because so far Nintendo only seems to want to bring remakes to the 3DS.

NESpower2388d ago

sony better get a franchise that can last longer than 95% of what they put out. Nintendo is Nintendo.....sega, atari, sony nor microsoft will never be Nintendo.

the_best_player2387d ago

Nintendo is too scared to being out new IP's.

silvacrest2387d ago

nintendo have been doing what they've been doing for years so its no surprise they have instantly recognizable franchises, especially when they refuse to make new IP's

sony make not have such recognizable faces but no one beats them in new IP's

N4g_null2387d ago

I though nintendo was dead to Sony gamers and kiddy. So Sony is about to be dead and kiddy? Sorry I can't read this article he is a confused Sony fan trying his best to replay nintendo in his fanboy mind.

I have problems with Sony and nintendo but way more with Sony since they are trying to fix the problems but cant understand them because of all the circle werking.

Nintendo needs to finish bring all of their 2d game play mechanics back into 3d or at least treat the two the same.

Sony just needs way more game play talent. Sure uncharted looks good but so did crysis and they are both boring to play.

Sony is selling to the same people that though final fantasy the movie was good, examples are heavy rain lol. Gamers like games that require skills. Who plays tomb raider any more no one and uncharted will have the same problems. Who plays mario6 20 million plus. Why didn't little big planet sell like that well maybe the game play sucks and 2d mod engines are free on the pc.

Sony is on a some what right track yet their games don't have any replay value and they simply are lacking in game play knowledge.

Ms is just riding off a quake 3 clone really with out the good quake parts.

Remember atari died because they didn't need game play any more they had ET and very one loved ETs story. LOL go and play that game and see why Sony is more of an atari than any one why do you think Phil left.

SoapShoes2387d ago

Wow, scissor... You are very deluded!

N4g_null2387d ago

Deluded how? You see all you can do is insult. I've played uncharted. It is a better tomb raider but is it a skill based game or a story book game? ET had the same appeal. Most of you where not even born then. Hey it's only opinions and Sony games was rolled out of their movie studio roots.

The very thing that kill sega was they forgot game play was king and the hype card always goes to the cooler kid. Also you have a gen gap about to happen where the ps2 gamers will have to usher in the new 20 some thing gamers who grew up off a ds and iPads in 2-4 years.

It doesn't matter either way it really is up to Sony to become a true software force. Their weakness has always being 3rd party blind exclusives.

It will only get better yet how they can even make fun motion games is a big problem.

Soldierone2387d ago

Scissor you lost me when you called iPad people gamers....My little brothers hate those "games" they are not attractive to core GAMERS. They are time wasters, phone games, casual crap that has been around since cell phones first got popular...

Who still plays Tomb Raider? I do. The advernture games are something fun, treasure stories are interesting, and it is gameplay that isn't brought about in other games. What game exactly are you talking about that takes "skill"? Mario? You just called out LBP for being like that, why not call out Ratchet and Clank too? Sly?

Open up and try new games. Reading your post you are simply just hating games without trying them. What real gamer does that? Unless of course your too occupied with your iPad apps, then go have fun, we gamers don't want you.

Honestly the iPad is like skate shoes in the 90's. You see kids go buy nice new skate shoes, skate clothes, and so on so they can pretend like they skate....yet they don't know how to ride a skateboard for the life of them...its called being a POSER.

N4g_null2379d ago

Tomb raider is crap and you know it so does every one else. That game takes no skill and that is not treasure story lol. Read a book. Lbp sucks because it's made by people that can't play a real platformer obviously.

I call the iPad kids gamers because they will be the next gen along with all of the pokemon gamers. Try playing quake 3 that's a real fps and yes you will died because you might suck like the other posers trying to call them selves hardcore gamers. Try ultimate ghouls and ghost. Not easy huh?

Before you get all elite please choose a respectable game that real gamers can appreciate.

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Jdub895O2387d ago

i agree because throughout recorded history, several cosmologies and cosmogonies have been proposed to account for observations of the universe. The earliest quantitative geocentric models were developed by the ancient Greeks, who proposed that the universe possesses infinite space and has existed eternally, but contains a single set of concentric spheres of finite size – corresponding to the fixed stars, the Sun and various planets – rotating about a spherical but unmoving Earth. Over the centuries, more precise observations and improved theories of gravity led to Copernicus's heliocentric model and the Newtonian model of the Solar System, respectively. Further improvements in astronomy led to the realization that the Solar System is embedded in a galaxy composed of billions of stars, the Milky Way, and that other galaxies exist outside it, as far as astronomical instruments can reach. Careful studies of the distribution of these galaxies and their spectral lines have led to much of modern cosmology. Discovery of the red shift and cosmic microwave background radiation revealed that the universe is expanding and apparently had a beginning.

According to the prevailing scientific model of the universe, known as the Big Bang, the universe expanded from an extremely hot, dense phase called the Planck epoch, in which all the matter and energy of the observable universe was concentrated. Since the Planck epoch, the universe has been expanding to its present form, possibly with a brief period (less than 10−32 seconds) of cosmic inflation. Several independent experimental measurements support this theoretical expansion and, more generally, the Big Bang theory. Recent observations indicate that this expansion is accelerating because of dark energy, and that most of the matter in the universe may be in a form which cannot be detected by present instruments, and so is not accounted for in the present models of the universe; this has been named dark matter. The imprecision of current observations has hindered predictions of the ultimate fate of the universe.

Therefore Onlive will take the lead in 3 years or so.

subtenko2387d ago

Sony the next Nintendo? F NO, we cant let this happen! We want Sony for Sony, not nintendo! Otherwise we'd just be for nintendo! Thats why theres a Sony in gaming! lol

fatstarr2387d ago

what a paradox that would be the very thing that all sony fans hate is what they become.

what will everyone do with their lives.


xCaptainAmazing2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

For one easy, simple reason: They are not well-regarded.

Now, hold on before you go all crazy. The general media and public views on Nintendo are that they can do no wrong, and Sony is always wrong. For whatever reason this is, I don't know, but that is why it will not happen.

I still talk to people that say PS3 has no games... and that's the majority. It doesn't matter what's true, what matters is how people perceive things. I'm not saying it's right or fair, but Sony is like the kid on the playground everyone makes fun of and looks down at.

Realistically speaking, Xbox is closer than PlayStation. It's not really debatable if you just look at how the average person perceives each system. I still have no idea how they overcame the RRoD this generation.

Regardless, the article is complete garbage. Does Nintendo honestly need more IPs? They're practically bleeding them, and their first party games are the most consistently well-reviewed bar none. Nintendo is the new Nintendo, and with a completely open network on their new system, the competition should be worried. You can't just throw more power in your next console to topple them.

If the next Xbox turns out to be on an equal or greater playing field with the PS4 in terms of power, and is reliable, I'd watch out. They're the newcomer and they already split the hardcore audience 50/50.

pain777pas2385d ago

They needed time to gain legit credibility which they have because of their 1st party studios. The company was not taken seriously in the beginning. PS1 was a wonder and the PS2 was a phenomenon. Sony tried to cater to the core and casual with the PS3 but the price was too high. Now like Nintendo they may not have Miyamoto or Iwata but they have good leaders in management right now that people have grown to know and great studios that are recognized worldwide. I don't understand why people are so angry with Sony. They want to give us tech that we would want to buy and we scorn them for catering to US as gamers. I don't care about sales. I want a console for me.

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remanutd552388d ago

sony is been my Nintendo the last 2 generations and i will keep supporting them if nintendo want me back they better bring something new , i love Zelda but my days playing mario , yoshi , donkey kong , star fox and metroid are gone , long time ago , come on nintendo the majority of your long time fans have grown up already , give us hardcore gaming , not a bunch of kiddy stuff

firemassacre2388d ago

Sony and Nintendo have similarities...

exclusive games, and reliable hardware.

gumgum992388d ago

pretty much this. only this.

remanutd552388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

LMAO , those kidtendo exclusive games dont appealed to me , im not 6 years old anymore , im 33 years old , i want to play more games like Heavy Rain , Motorstorm , inFAMOUS , MAG , Resistance , Heavenly Sword , Folklore , White Knight Chronicles , Demons Souls , keep in mind im just mentioning Ips created this generation , what new IP kidtendo has created this generation ? Wii fit ? lmao , i want new IPs from them , they have the in house power to create something great not more of the same generation after generation after generation , i really want them to take risks and develop new exclusive games that dont have mario , wario , zelda , metroid, yoshi on their titles

at peaceful jelly , you mentioned 2 out of 3 games that havent even been released in NA YET after 5 1/2 years on the market thats all you can find from nintendo on the wii that doesnt have mario , wario , zelda , yoshi , metroid and other eternally old names on their titles ? LMAO

Peaceful_Jelly2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

there's Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower and The Last Story, all of them published by Nintendo but...

Louis_Guzman2388d ago

@ remanutd55: Reading that poorly written, wall-of-text of yours, I'd say you're still a kid.

MaxXAttaxX2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Exactly, where's The Last Story? I wanted that game too.
They kinda messed up with that. Unless Ninty knew what they were doing because the demographics in NA are f***d up... hmm.

sobekflakmonkey2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Yeah, they appeal to different demographics, although both companies are trying to reach for different demographics, it's nintendo and sony, nintendo will ALWAYS be remembered for family friendly games and mario, zelda, metroid and others, and Sony will always be remembered for their more adult oriented content, and honestly, i dont know how anybody could say Sony's games are not going to be remembered, I dont know about you, but I'll always remember Drake, Elena, Sully, Jack & Daxter, Kratos, Templar, Hakka, Sev, and Cole, they are memerable characters, oh and lets not forgot where Cloud Strife and gang came from, yeah, that shit started on the first PS, and here we are, 15 years later and he's one of the most renowned characters ever.

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MaxXAttaxX2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Very true.

Agree with pretty much everything. Although I still play Nintendo games today, they're not as strong as they used to be.
I think Sony still has more years to go.

remanutd552388d ago

well now you are getting personal , anyways thank you for taking the time to read it though and i respect your opinion

krazykombatant2388d ago

Nintendo doesn't have to change anything because you've grown up. Super Mario is still loads to fun, and so is Zelda. I've said it tons of times before and I'll say it again, just because you grew up and you want mario to start chainsawing through koopas then I'm sorry but you're not gonna get that.

However, Ninty has made an effort to get back in touch with the "hardcore" allowing for the 3rd party games to be easier to put into their next console.

punisher992387d ago

Why cant they continue to make mario and Zelda games, but also bring new blockbuster IPs as well?? Mario and Zelda are legendary gaming icons and I don't care if their are millions of sequels. But where are the new blockbuster franchises to go along with them???????? Thats my problem currently with Nintendo.

NESpower2388d ago

kidtendo?....more like phony sony...stop copying Nintendo!

FredEffinChopin2387d ago

*peers through the glass at the Hardcorus Fanboius in its natural habitat*


punisher992387d ago

No need to go there. Nintendo does their fare share of copying just like everyone else does.

DarkBlood2387d ago

you are very ingorant you know that, sure you may have "grown up" but u seem to neglect the fact that there are still kids on the planet called EARTH therefore there will still be mario games and the likes

seems kind of selfish, you probably dont care about the younger people.

FredEffinChopin2387d ago

I can't stand comments like yours. "You don't like kiddie games, you sound like a selfish kid-hater!". Really? You sound like a person who is full of shit and argues with semantic garbage instead of having a rational discussion.

The man's comment makes a good point, and one that I think Nintendo has caught on to if the WiiU's announcement is any indication. They've lost the hardcore audience, the ones whose backs this industry was built on back in the 80's and 90's when Nintendo used to cater to them. It's nice that there are games that cater to children, and those games will always be around. Nintendo has decided to make it their focus though, and have discovered that your average 4th grader isn't really out there buying games like the hardcore gamer they left behind, and who continues to keep the console gaming industry alive. All the talk from Nintendo about WiiU screams "Come back to us!" Oh Nintendo, when did you become so selfish and ignorant?

Logic. How does it taste?

DarkBlood2386d ago

So what nintendo should only focus on the people late 90's to early 90's and as soon as they grow up at around the year 2000 and up they should stop making mario,zelda,metriod and the likes and completely ingore the newborns from late 90's and up? that is unfair to them.

yes that is true when you say they lost the hardcore audience the ones they were built upon back in those days. You seem to forget we were kids back then too and obviously no way we were buying games alot like we do now compared to then.

and that is exactly that we were children who they were catering to back then, i dont see how they are failing it now doing the same thing with the exception of people who never gamed in the first place but thats the same thing with anyone.

as for logic the taste varys it goes both ways

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moaradin2388d ago

Nintendo is the next Nintendo.

SuperBeast8112388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Nintendo is dead to the core and hardcore they cant do it again at least not with the Wii U Zelda was my all time fav franchise but it didnt evolve with me so i let it go do I miss Hyrule? sure but it was all just a distant N64 memory its dead and gone let it die and stop swinging that wiimote myamoto let it die!!!

Nintendo is the next SEGA ...........

DarkFantasy2387d ago

"Nintendo is dead to the core and hardcore"

Did you even watch Nintendo's E3 press conference they are trying to bringing hard core tittles to the wii U,they want hardcore gamers to enjoy the wii U and i hope they succeed because I would go back to nintendo if they started giveing us hardcore games.i miss the N64 as well :(

gumgum992388d ago

Microsoft is the new white?...nevermind

stephmhishot2388d ago

Eh, the reason why Nintendo has remained in the hearts and minds of people so long is because characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Zelda, Kirby, DK, etc, are timeless characters. They're as relevant today as they were 20 years ago and they will continue to be for the next 20 years and beyond.

I love the new IPs that Sony has been pumping out this generation and last generation, but Drake, Helghasts, Cole, Hale, etc all have limited shelf life. The exception of course would be Sackboy, but since "he" has no specific personality or motivations, it still puts Sackboy a notch lower than the beloved, plump plumber.

pain777pas2388d ago

You are right but I am happy that the Sony devs get to keep fresh. they are always able to challenge them selves and not become factories for one IP over and over again. Zelda has been treated with respect in a way. Mario has every spinoff game in the book. I will say this though. Kratos will have staying power and so will Drake. Helghast and Cole not sure. Sackboy is easily recognizable and should star in other off shoot create titles. As far as I am concerned as I got older I am thankful that Sony is in the market. I will always love Nintendo. The roots are too deep but I have grown to admire and cherish Sony. They started out without a clue and now are starting to get it on every front. The future looks good for Sony from affordable hardware like the past and stellar first party offerings.