My Wife, the Casual Gamer, Reacts to: Amnesia/Brutal Legend

Gaming Irresposibly's Josh Knowles tries to pull his wife along through the experience of Amnesia. Honestly, this is a short lived experience.

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blitz0x2423d ago

Lol you actually did amnesia! Im proud lol.

ultrapepe2423d ago

I love this series. Your wife is always so non-chalante with her responses.

agentxk2423d ago

thanks! She appreciates it

ATiElite2423d ago


You scared the heck outta your wife. You gotta convince it's the greatest Horror game ever and maybe play it again with her.

BeastlyRig2423d ago

What beats Amnesia? non!

agentxk2423d ago

One day, I want to convince her to take a shot at it

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