Nights Gets Real Weather: Sega incorporating Wii Weather Channel into new title.

Sega Japan has announced that the upcoming Wii revival of the Nights franchise will be the first game to directly interact with the Wii Weather Channel.

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Prismo_Fillusion3977d ago

As a meteorologist I approve of this idea!

predator3977d ago

sounds cool that, u be buggered if you live where it rains all the time tho

shaworth3977d ago

Like Manchester you mean!!

predator3977d ago

haha, dont live in manchester, North wales so thats actualy worst(sometimes)

BranWheatKillah3977d ago

Wow! Sega announced weather for NIGHTS today? Wait a second... this was announced months ago to Gamestop when one of the game's developers showed up on our monthly videos we play in the store.

PS360WII3977d ago

That's pretty cool. Why not right? If they feature is there put it in the game. Did Madden do this yet or was that proven to be untrue?

BrotherNick3977d ago

Haha, I'd love to see this in the new Harvest Moon, having droughts and stuff :P

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