Amazon running a 50% off Lightning Deal for unknown PS3 exclusive on Sunday

XMNR: PS3 gamers should keep their eyes on Amazon's Gold Box on the morning of Sunday, July 10 as the online retailer will have a deal on a PS3 exclusive.

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MultiConsoleGamer2714d ago

I bet its Killzone 3. If it is... get your credit cards ready!

Queasy2714d ago

I'm thinking KZ3 or SOCOM 4. I honestly would love inFamous 2 though.

Lifendz2714d ago

I'm thinking Infamous 2 CE and Standard editions. After picking up Dead Space 2 and Vanquish on sale, I'm not sure I can justify the purchase...but if it's Infamous 2 for 29.99 it's going to be hard to turn that deal down.

OtherWhiteMeat2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Infamous 2 Hero Edtion has already been marked down at GameStop so I'm sure this will be to combat it. $59.99 is a great deal.

Lifendz2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Jeez. That takes me back. '07-early 08 was the year of fanboy debates. I remember entire threads dedicated to Haze's visuals being on par with Crysis.

remanutd552714d ago

Motorstorm Apocalypse !!!!!!!!

GraySnake2714d ago

Infamous 2.... Lightning Deal?

Fullmetalevolust2714d ago

Man I'm hoping infamous 2, but it could be a myriad of games, I mean com'on fellas (and ladies), PS3: it only does exclusives.

Xof2714d ago

I kind of doubt it will be InFamous 2. Most of Amazon's deals tend to be... pretty bad. Well, outside of Warehouse deals. I imagine it'll be something like Metal Gear Solid, or Heavenly Sword, or some other game whose retail price is about quadruple the resale value.

And even if it is, I wouldn't recommend buying it yet. Not for $30. If you look beyond the hype, it's just another version of the first game with a few things improved and a few more flaws introduced. Wouldn't it be better to spend your money on something more... unique?

Soldierone2714d ago

What? The first game was fantastic and hardly anything has matched it in terms of uniqueness. Its not broken, so why fix it?

Instead of that we can go buy another FPS title...or we can buy a "slightly" changed sequel to something else...I much rather buy something of quality like inFamous 2 and reward the idea of not being like everything else...

Fullmetalevolust2714d ago

I guess I understand where you come from in terms of unique gameplay, but I have been looking forward to infamous 2, bc I couldn't put down the first one and had high hopes for DLC. It never came. Flaws and all, I still think infamous 2 is a good buy. I would've picked it up day one if it hadn't been for my latest craze on 90's gaming, especially JRPG's lol, talk about uniqueness lol.
I am even looking forward to playing missions created by users. It seems like the fun could be endless this time around.
I honestly would also want to pick up heavy rain move edition if they offered for half the price.

Xof2714d ago

Well, as a fan of the first game, I was disappointed with the last.

Basically... the narrative ruined it for me.


The game is advertised as being about getting more powerful, and powering up, and being awesome. Sounds good, right?

If the game actually WAS like that, it'd be awesome.

But it's not.

Cole magically loses all of his powers, and the entire plot revolves around a deus ex machina that REMOVES the Beasts powers.


And, of course, the emphasis of the game has changed, too. The first title was about half platforming and half combat. This was cool: combat was okay, platforming was AWESOME. In InFamous 2?

It's 90% about combat.

And the combat hasn't exactly been improved. In some ways, I'd say it's actually gotten a bit worse.

Eazy-Eman2714d ago

Xof I agree man, when I played infamous 2 it felt as if it had no soul...I enjoyed the first one waaaay more than the sequel.

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spunnups2714d ago

hoping it's either infamous 2or motorstorm apocalypse, if it's socom 4, meh

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