Possible Campaign Characters In And For Battlefield 3

Detailed names of the characters that were needed for a Battlefield 3 casting call, and the qualifications for each character.

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SpaceSquirrel2542d ago

I'm not really surprised at the type of characters that will be in BF3.

callmedom942542d ago

Looks pretty promising and actually looks true

Hufandpuf2542d ago

Special forces missions? As spetsnaz!? AW YEAH!

DoomeDx2542d ago

Like everygame, right?

Hufandpuf2542d ago

Battlefield has never had SF missions, It could be different. I think the story will show both sides of the war.

Snowii2542d ago

i really miss the 3 of the first 2 games :(

callmedom942542d ago

I wonder which character we will play as

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