Insomniac Games respond to complaints regarding the PSN Pass in Resistance 3

Insomniac Games respond to complaints about the PSN Pass being implanted into their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive first-person shooter, Resistance 3.

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M-Easy2712d ago

Exactly this doesn't affect me at all I buy PS exclusives.

Abash2712d ago

I think it's hilarious how people are threatening not to buy the game over this. Well if you're so pissed over something that only affects consumers who buy used copies, Insomniac wasn't going to see your money either way. So it was like if you weren't buying it in the first place.

FFXI1012712d ago

Agree, they gotta make money to stay in the business.

If we all buying used game every single time, they would not be making any money and most studios would be closed.

Yi-Long2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

... I think they might be worried they can't sell the game when they're done with it, or at the very least fetch less money for it.

Personally, I buy all my games new anyway (I just wait for them to hit the bargain-bin), but I can understand some people not being happy with this kinda stuff.

SilentNegotiator2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

So we shouldn't be upset that we can't play the multiplayer of the copy of the game that we own on any console we want?

That if we buy a new SKU, we have to pony up more money to play multiplayer again?

I'm not going to allow myself to be subjected to more forms of DRM.

No. EA and PSN passes are unacceptable. I stand by my decision to not buy a single game employing this, or any other technique that hurts our rights as customers.

EDIT: Great to see how willing gamers are to stand up to injustice. I can't wait for full DRM that requires a blood sample every time I play. I give it 5 years.

n4gisatroll2712d ago

I just want to be able to Play it on more than account. My girlfriend and I have different ps3's so it's lame if she wants to play online, I need to either buy another copy, or another pass, it's kinda dumb.

jukins2712d ago

so Silentnegotiator you obviously are overexaggerating as you can download the damn pass onto 5 ps3's. oh wait thats right im sure you take your ps3 games to 100's of people's homes . . . .

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M-Easy2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Why are people disagreeing that I BUY games, I mean that's a good thing right? I rent alot too but I always buy PS exclusives because of the guaranteed quality. How is that disagreeable?

Fox012712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

This is what "killed" PC gaming. People couldn't resell their games after they were done with them, lend them or buy second-hand so they started buying less and pirating even more.

I know, personally that I'm not going to buy a game that I can't resell.

BattleAxe2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Well Sony and others have to protect their business some way. I don't even understand why people buy used anyway, theres lots of great deals out there, and you always know that most decent games will become a $30 Greatest Hits game at some point. If you go over to BestBuy for instance, there are quite a few games like Bioshock, GRAW2, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 + 2, Skate 1 + 2 ect... ect... that are all $19.99. WalMart also has some great bargain bin prices with such games like Heavenly Sword and Battlefield: Bad Company 1 which are only $19.99.

I just bought Burnout Paradise wich included a few add-ons on the Playstation Store for only $7.99. If all of that is too expensive for you, then just get a STEAM account, and you won't spend more than $5 - $10 per game during their many many sales throughout the year. PSN Pass isn't that big of a deal, because it will always be attached to your account until the day that the PSN doesn't exist anymore. Game Stop doesn't give you shit for your games anyways. Some games they only give you a dollar for. A buddy of mine just traded in KZ2 and got 25 cents.....its rediculous. Game Stop are a bunch of crooks.

NewMonday2712d ago

buying a used game for 55$ is ludicrous, why don't those who buy used complain about that?

BeastlyRig2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

This will be standard now? or just for ps3 games?

subtenko2712d ago

LOL! spot on dude! xD They are being ignorant haha

gamer: "Im not gonna buy your game then!"

game dev: "ok..we wernt gonna see your money anyway if you would have just bought a used were saying?"


Why o why2712d ago

Im not 100 on how it actually works but im still not liking the precedent being set/ continued.

I value the views for and against but ultimately im a gamer so i care for my interests over any developers...ill buy the game but i may want to sell it on. If thats the case i may get less because the online pass isnt included. Better for insomniac not so much for us

gamingdroid2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

"If you buy R3 new, nothing will change and the PSN pass is free inside the box." -insomniac

BS! Can my family members play online on their own account? Can I lend it to my friend like I have so many time?

If yes, then in conclusion it does affect you! It does change what you can do with your game if you buy it new.

Thanks, but no thanks!

If you want to avoid the used game market and save your business? Provide extra DLC to people that buy your game new.

NatureOfLogic2712d ago

I will not buy this game, I will not support this online pass crap.

firemassacre2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )






evrfighter2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

if you don't fight it this is how every mp will be.

screw brand or dev loyalty when it comes to something hurting gamers in the long run.

Ubisoft fought a long battle with always on DRM and they failed miserably. It works you just gotta get out of the mindset that your actions mean nothing. However you must speak up via twitter or forums otherwise they will blame low sales on the devs or the game being crappy.

If enough people are bitching or "crying" as you console gamers like to say about us pc gamers then they will have no one to pin it on but themselves.

friendly advice from a pc gamer.

pixelsword2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


Insomniac is a business: the used game salse really hurts them: that's why they went multi-platform.

Piss them off too much, and you'll see the next Resistance done by the same guys doing Heavenly Sword 2.

Oxymoron0282712d ago


You are an utter idiot.

If you buy a new SKU, just transfer your account over, that way all purchases and passes will also be transferred. Problem solved.

You aren't going to buy into any of these passes? Well if you buy the game first hand you won't have too. And don't argue that new releases' cost too much, what with retailer competition the prices of new releases go into reduction fairly quickly.

Also if you buy a used game, and then PSN pass I can guarantee you'll still be spending less then the RRP of new releases.

And finally branding this as DRM shows your ignorance.

badz1492712d ago

I have never buy an online pass before but it's like a dlc, right? Once you bought it, it should be attached to your account, right? Then, if that's the case, you can download it at least 3 times and on different ps3 too, right? For those with multiple ps3, aren't they actually NOT having any problem with this? Used games are screwed though but those with more than 1 ps3, why are you guys also complaining?

morganfell2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

@Silent Negotiator,

I have 3 PS3s in my house. All with upgraded drives. A 60Gb launch (500GB drive) and two slims one with a 640GB and one with a 1TB drive. All 3 have my PSN account on them. I have never had an issue with EA pass, Sony
s MP pass or any DLC purchased from PSN or DLC provided with a game or as part of an order incentive. This also holds true for anything I purchase in home including games.

It works the same whether it is free or not. I download the content on one system and game. When I move to a different room, I fire up that PS3, hop on the PS Store and go to my downloads. There are the most recently downloaded items. I then redownload to the next PS3 and game away.

I support this move as I know that loyal customers will see the benefit. Sony always rolls profit back into great features.

insomnium22711d ago

What if we can play the MP normally with all the PS3's our account is activated on? Would that be a bad thing?

Bloodraid2711d ago

And if Microsoft pulled something like this I'm sure everyone would have the same attitude towards it, right?

execution172711d ago

I norm buy new copies, only time I ever buy used if I have no luck finding a new copy

2711d ago
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showtimefolks2712d ago

how about all of you complain about the fact used game market is making a killing while people who work on these products don't get shit out of it after 1st buy.

Buy these games brand new even if you are waiting 6 months but it new when its 2-30 to support the devs and not try to save $5 buying it used

and people who are saying well i won't be able to sell it how about this when you put it on ebay instead of selling it for 45 sell it for 35 and tell buyer he has to spend $10 bucks on a online pass


when people don't have problem paying for a monthly fee for an MMO why are people having trouble paying 10 bucks knowing that you will spending ing hundreds of hours into online plus the 10-12 hrs single player plus co-op


vickers5002712d ago

"support the devs and not try to save $5 buying it used"

The majority of people who buy used aren't saving 5 bucks, they're saving like 15 bucks or more, and they usually aren't buying from gamestop unless there are some amazing deals going on like buy 2 get one free. Most people who buy used buy from amazon, from other people, so at least that money isn't going to gamestop the majority of the time. I do agree though, those individuals who aren't willing to spend the extra 5 bucks to buy it new are cheap sacks of sh*t.

"how about this when you put it on ebay instead of selling it for 45 sell it for 35 and tell buyer he has to spend $10 bucks on a online pass"

Or how about this: developers take 10 dollars off of their game, so that the actual consumers can benefit from this as well, instead of lowering the value of something we already paid full price for yet we the consumer don't benefit in the slightest from it. I wouldn't mind online passes so muchif they took 10 dollars off the title (as they damn well should) and actually benefited the CONSUMER instead of just the developer.

DarkFantasy2712d ago

so what how many things in this world do we buy and sell used and there orginal maker never see's the money on the used sales why are video game dev's so special..if i sell my truck should ford get money off that too ?,if i sell my tv should panasonic get a cut of my money ? No,so why should it be any diffrent with a video game i respect devs alot and i love there work but this is kind of ridiculous.

Rocket Sauce2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

People always say, "support the developers, support the publishers." Well, when they pull stunts like this, why would you want to?

I don't have any reason to support someone who'll make it harder for me to rent games, lend games out to friends or sell on ebay. Online passes don't do anything for you. They're just giving you the same product as before, but with some huge restrictions.

They'll make a boatload of money without me anyway, so I'm curious, why are people so devoted to these companies?

SantistaUSA2712d ago

99% of the time I buy new games, but usually I borrow games from my buddy's and vice-versa, and with the psn pass that changes the whole thing. Some people don't realize that and it will affect them some way or another in a negative way.

firelogic2712d ago

I still don't see a problem. If you borrow a game from your friend and online is really that important, pony up the $10 for the pass. You're still saving $50 and $10 is basically the price of renting a game for a week.

nirwanda2712d ago

At firelogic not everyone is made of money if i borrow or lend anything to my friends why should they pay someone else, if they want to make money from there games they should make digital downloads much cheeper they don't have the shops taking there cu or the cost of printing the manual or pressing the disks but no the greedy bastards on xbox live charge more than i can buy it for new in the shops.

dantesparda2712d ago

Fuck that! i dont care who does it, online passes are no good for anybody peroid, except these corporate fat cats. And im straight on that, they are already fat enough!. I understand that the developers need to make enough, but "enough" is the key word here. The only way i'll tolerate these online passes is if 1.) you can play them on all your accounts on the PS3 and at least 3 different PS3. And that's my compromise. Otherwise, i think this could be even a worst deal than paying for XBL

XRider2712d ago

You "buy" only PS3 exclusives but buy everything else used? Then you say it doesn't affect you? I'm sorry but the fanboys who are pro PSN Pass make no freaking sense. What gets me is the same exact people defending this PSN pass all have a comment history of bashing Activision, UBI, and EA for doing the same thing. The same people who bash Xbox owners for paying for Live now seem ok to pay for services.

JokesOnYou2712d ago

I buy all my games new, but I don't like this because I do on a few occasions sell them, if the online is limited the game will be almost worthless, thats not cool. Dev's who make decent games will make a good profit off their games, even without a cut of the used sales, this is not needed. I'm telling you if gamers don't fight this, its going to set a bad precedent for future games. This isn't about brand loyalty, micro already has their hands in our pockets for online gaming, but dont think they won't eventually try this same tactic too if it looks like gamers are OK with it.

littletad2712d ago

This is ridiculous if you support it. It's an "online pass", merely meant to force you to buy new. Sony touts this as "Enhancing premium online services". Yes, services and savings that are "passed" on to you. Along with dlc and other crap that's digitally distributed AFTER a games release, enough is enough. If we, the consumers, don't start boycotting this or acting with our wallets, publishers and developers will continue to lower the value of our dollar.

mastiffchild2712d ago

EA I expect this kind of attitude from-but I expect better from Insomniac. I became a day one purchasing fan of their games ONLY because , when I was too poor to buy new I happened on a used copy of R&C . Now, had this been today where online gaming is a big part of a games replay value I'd not be buying it at all were I that poor again. Point is, used games being freely available ISN'T this big, bad thing the greedy industry paints them to be as it keeps gamers, who might well move to other hobbies, in touch with the industry for them to become true gamers and as a lot of those too poor to buy new are students and tomorrows BIG buyers is this online pass really very bright?

I realise it's not likely many people will be pirating this as a result to play online because of PSN etc BUT it could stop people picking it up used and getting into the IP or the devs. What they also do, by joning the EA's is join that part of the industry hell bent on a "them and us" mindset. This is the same mindset which makes many gamers ignore piracy. The pirates say "look how the industry treats us! How they take away resale value when music and film don't.They moan about people selling on a game and introduce dirty measures to try to limit it-are these the people who should be doing THIS or should they, like musicians and film makers , think about making a better sodding product that people want to keep?".

The bottom line is this will just mean FEWER people will get to play their game meaning fewer will be online(those who WOULD have traded it in for someone else who to play it online to try it but can't, atm, buy new, will now just sack it and no one else will get to have the chance of becoming a future fan and buyer of their games as a result.

Gamers allow piracy unchecked because of actions like this and they hurt more when coming from people we thought were good guys. Devs we thought might "get" the fact gamers aren't all born with a bilion bucks to buy EVERY game new. I'd wager half of Insomniac's fanbase owe their fandom to a used buy and they're now cutting back on the chances of future fans. This WON'T see more new sales but fewer future fans and lower sales of their games. It's greedy, shortsighted, lazy and not going to achieve anything LIKE what they want. All it really does apart from that is make them look as bad as EA-is that the image they want when going multiplatform? They want to be part of the industry making piracy's excuses and align themselves with one of the most hated publishers?

EVERY manufacturing and entertainment industry copes with used sales and sees the benefits in a used market. Brand loyalty is at stake and there to be built. Without used sales i probably wouldn't be buying R3 anyway-they really want to cut this supply only to see their online community die more quickly and have fewer people left to sell DLC to?

I'm a musician(among other things) and I NEVER felt I had the right to try and obstruct someone selling on a CD I wrote/sang/performed on-if it's not good enough to keep i should write a better one/make a better one next time and, anyway, it getting resold means another person gets to hear my stuff and they may buy new next time or when they can afford to. you'd think none of these guys were ever poor students or came from uber rich parents the way they mewl such short sighted, over entitled BS at us.

Those currently too poor to buy new won't magic up the money to buy new games. Doesn't work that way at all.

Massive mistake and left a bad taste in my mouth, for one.

hardcorehippiez2712d ago

very good and very well thought out post. I too am a musician but to me i do it as a hobby and dont charge for my music although i wouldnt let people use it with out consent from me. as far as this pass is concerned it doesnt involve me because i buy all if not most of my games new but this is a dick move tbh. it will reduce the fan base of said games because not everyone can afford to buy new. if even they gave them basic online features like quick match or something but lock out the rest but to enforce this is stupid. Bad move sony

wollie2712d ago

you basically typed what i was thinking.

It's sad because this will hurt insomniac more then help them. The fact that there are games which do not require a pass being released around the same time will immediately devalue R3.

Also there online community will shrink as used buyers realize they can not get online.

This will cause more used sales not less.

Developers should concentrate on making games we cannot live without not pushing this crap.

blackblades2712d ago

Yeah if you want the game cheaper just wait a week or 2 that's when I usually see a new cheap like $39.00 $49.99 which is cheaper then used.

SLLCKGT2711d ago

I think every game should implement this. Even for single player, can't afford new games? Find a new hobby.

Gray-Fox-Type02711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

That is bad only for Insomniac, It will effect resistance sales..bad move sony.. people buy first day games ONLY if they are triple AAA.

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DrRichtofen2712d ago

Wont affect me either I mostly buy new anyway.

theonlylolking2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

What about peeps in yo own house? Lending it or giving it to a friend? This PSN pass kills those things. If I buy a movie I want to see the whole thing not get cut off half way because I did not put in a pass.

I also do not support games that have passes just to play online so they lost a customer right there even though I never buy a game used unless it is $20 or less. '

Peeps who disagree must like not getting a full game unless they have a pass and want movies to be like that as well.

Lucreto2712d ago

If Sonys stance of purchased content on the Playstation store is anything to go by it can be activated on at least 5 PS3 machines.

Blaze9292712d ago

exactly. I shouldnt have to buy two copies just so my little brother can be able to play online on his own PS3 - in the same damn house

DrRichtofen2712d ago

Well in my case me and all my friends created a special account that we can access where we all game share (we've done rdr:un, zombie maps, mk9 pass, kz3 dlc etc) that way I do lend stuff with codes to friends they can just download it.

Rocket Sauce2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

"...and want movies to be like that as well."

Oh my god, can you imagine the reaction if any other industry did this?

What if you rented Iron Man, and Paramount decided that since you didn't buy it new, you could only watch the first 45 minutes? People would be shitting themselves!

Biggest2712d ago

And what if you bought a second-hand cheeseburger?!? They would only let you have one pickle!!! Oh wait. . . We aren't talking about random crap that makes no sense. You can activate the pass on 5 consoles. If you want to give it to your friend you can activate the pass on his/her console. If you have multiple PS3s (I do) it's as simple as activating it on all of the consoles. I didn't have to rebuy any of the PSP games I purchased on PSN. I didn't have to rebuy PSN games that I purchased on PSN. I don't see how this will be any different. Unless it's like if you bought a used PC and they only let you use Notepad and play Minesweeper!!! OMGNO!!!!

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FFXI1012712d ago

"exactly. I shouldnt have to buy two copies just so my little brother can be able to play online on his own PS3 - in the same damn house "

So why should people pay for the XBL? why can't I just pay for one so my brother and my cousin can share with me and not have to pay for their own account?

mastiffchild2712d ago

hey shouldn't have to ay for Live either-it's an amazing con when you think about it and kudos to MS,I guess, for fooling the World. they don't fool me, not any more and I feel; better for realising how badly I was being bled dry, but you shouldn't pay on top of your ISP fee to play games online-it makes every 360 game with online features a sad case where you can't access all the game you OWN unless you pay MS a bit more-and for what?

Biggest2712d ago

You know good and damned well that Blaze929 has a good answer for that. Love is a hell of a drug.

refocusedman2712d ago

The only people who complain are the people who plan to buy the game used, so they wont affect game sales one bit. People complain just to complain, they make unwarranted threats and complain abt petty things. It baffles me that people actually get upset that a developer wants to recoup the money spent developing a product by having you purchase their product new.

UltimateIdiot9112712d ago

No, you're forgetting about people who sells their game after they are done with them. The value of resell on R3 would be greatly diminished because of the DRM which as a result would not be ideal to buy the game at $60ish.

I would not be willing to shell out more than $20 for a game with online pass but that's me.

vickers5002712d ago

"The only people who complain are the people who plan to buy the game used"

You're an idiot if you actually believe that. I plan to buy the game brand new (hell, I plan to buy the 150 dollar resistance 3 doomsday bundle), but this pisses me off.

Why? Because I can't let my friends borrow the game to try out and convince them to buy it. This online pass bullsh*t has already made sure Resistance 3 loses sales for that reason alone. No more potential purchases from those who might have bought it after borrowing it, no more potential purchases from those who rent it.

If Resistance 3 wasn't one of my favorite multiplayer fps games of all time, I wouldn't buy R3 new, I'd buy it at the absolute cheapest USED price I could, but I'm not going to since I love the franchise so much. Other franchises (which have an online pass)that are simply just "good" will not see my money unless they have a 20+ dollar price drop within the first month.

rdgneoz32712d ago

"Because I can't let my friends borrow the game to try out and convince them to buy it"

Ever game share on the PSN? You can have your PSN account activated on 5 different PS3s, so if your friends are real "friends", then you shouldn't have a problem with them logging on your account so they can try out the game.

vickers5002712d ago

Yeah I do quite a bit actually, but they don't want to go through the trouble and shouldn't have to go through the trouble.

As I said in an above comment, if they are going to pull this kind of sh*t, then they need to lower the cost of the game by at least 10 bucks. Without the mp portion of the game, the value is significantly reduced, so when they take that value away, they better do something to make up for it. Online passes ONLY benefit the developers, and do absolutely NOTHING to benefit the gamers.

Just imagine if the automobile industry or movies or music industry did this. There would be a massive outrage. This simply is not right. Instead of doing something like restricting a HUGE part of the game, they need to provide EXTRA incentive to buy it new. Hell, I'd be fine if locked a few maps out on the disc and you could only get them by buying new or paying for them as DLC.

But restricting a whole damn mode (and what is most debatably the most important/popular mode of the game) is just beyond bullsh*t.

turnerdc2711d ago

What about Gamefly users like me?

radphil2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

The thing that gets me is that they're trying to play a "guilt" trip on that twitter statement.

On topic, honestly I don't mind the whole Pass thing if it's done right.

radphil2712d ago

The funny thing though that I didn't mention:

This doesn't matter to the used sale companies either.

Here's one example: Mortal Kombat.

You have the Pass which is required to have to play online. Well instead of having the game to you and paying extra, what places like Gamestop does for example is when you buy the game, they just print off a pass-code for you on the receipt.

So honestly, this really doesn't affect them much, if at all.

radphil2711d ago

I like how people randomly disagreed with that, when you can just go to any GS store and check it yourself.

Companies adapt. They don't sit around doing nothing against something that affects them.

newn4gguy2712d ago

THIS is not a game you buy used. First. Day.