Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Hits 1 Million+ Players, Co-op Adventure and New Map Hit 7/10

Posted by Arne Meyer: Wow, this was a massive week for UNCHARTED 3! We kicked off the week on Monday by updating the available gametypes in the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Beta to provide more variety from the prior week.

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MachoMoustachio2536d ago

Way to go Naughty Dog!

But the road is only gonna get harder from here, all of us have to voice our opinions now to help Naughty Dog make the best multiplayer experience possible.

lociefer2536d ago

lol godamn i got addicted to this beta and its only 2 freakin maps !

boss_killa2536d ago

Loving the beta so far ND.

Let's keep the improvements coming.

HeavenlySnipes2536d ago

NOt enough games have split screen dual sign in on PS3. Heck, not enough games have online coop altogether.

That's why I give props to Gears 3 and UC3. can't wait to pick this game up along with Resistance 3 for some online coop action

units2536d ago

isnt the uncharted 3 beta open to all?

xXtremeHDGamerXx2536d ago

people just don't like playing ps3 exclusives online I guess

cyborg69712536d ago Show
Redempteur2536d ago

i have several friend that don't plan to play the beta because they are waiting for the final product and are busy playing something else ..

YEP thisis a luxury PS3 owners can afford

MrSpace2536d ago

The only thing I find at fault is the Kickbacks and Loadouts for Hardcore.

You should only be allowed one kickback per match/round, it will make people think about when they have to use it.

Hardcore mode is....well hardcore mode, it should be a stripped classic playlist like U2. Hell I don't even like loadouts in the New playlists but what can you do...they wanted to attract the COD audience and they've succeeded.

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The story is too old to be commented.