New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Developer Diary Showcases Cities of the Future

Deus Ex: Human Evolution is the upcoming RPG out of Eidos Montreal based in a not too distant future. A future plagued by the political and societal ramifications of an advancement in medical technology called human augmentation, which interweaves the human body with mechanical parts. This technology has the ability to greatly heal those who need it, or cause massive destruction. The newest developer diary delves into the in-depth process of creating the sprawling urban environments in the game.

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TinaLauro2691d ago

Cool- I hope to see more showcases like this one. Getting the word straight from a developer is the best way to open up the gaming world.

honestpizza2691d ago

This game becomes more and more intriguing by the second. I loved the first game, and this one is looking like it will be a must buy on day one.

RememberThe3572691d ago

God this game looks so damn good. The best thing Square has done all gen was not canceling this game. I'm more hyped for this game than any others this year.

NukaCola2691d ago

Crazy that this, Hitman Absolution and Tomb Raider will probably be the only things Square did right this generation.

*fingers still crossed ofr FFversusXIII and maybe a FFVII Remake or Kingdom Hearts III**


hitman absolution will be good? you must be looks like a splinter cell conviction all over again.

KING_KAI2691d ago

never played a deus x game but i cant wait for this to put in my 360!

GetoverHere1222691d ago

Me neither, but this one being a prequel, and looking awesome, has got me excited for this one.

jesscamegan2690d ago

It does look pretty incredible. I haven't played deus ex either but i really want to try this one!

DaleBoyd2691d ago

This game is going to be great. And it comes out in august with little competition. I predict very good things for this title.

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