DailyVania: Looking back at Castlevania Lords of Shadow’s epilogue

Rely on Horror writes: Mercury Steam’s first entry in the classic franchise introduced us to Gabriel Belmont and the tragedy surrounding him. His wife was murdered, by his own hands thanks to Zobek’s influence. This proved to be one of the key twists in the plot, though in reality it wasn’t really a twist due to a trailer for the game showing a shadowy figure resembling Gabriel decapitating Marie with an axe. The moment of this revelation still came across strongly and we can just see from that moment on the darkness building up inside of Gabriel. Then, after defeating Satan and getting one last meeting with his departed wife, Gabriel goes to an unexpected place after the credits roll in the game’s epilogue.

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NewMonday2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

the game turned to be canon, never would have thought that Dracula was himself a Belmont, a nice twist this, also explaining his relation to Death(Zobik).

will their be redemption for Gabriel ?

Ser2716d ago

I'd prefer Gabriel weren't redeemed. He needs to be the tragic hero who lost both his love and himself.

I'd like to see a new character (another Belmont?) grab the combat cross, and track down Gabriel for the kill.

Oh, the possibilities. I love this new reboot/series.

NukaCola2716d ago

Lords of Shadow was one of the greatest games this generation and I wish it sold more. One of the best looking multiplats around.

The epilogue was an awesome way to end it. The final boss fight was decent, but really was weak compared to how amazing the entire experience is. So this cutscene really won it back over for me.

NewMonday2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

only have a few problems with it:

- cheap death resulting from some unrefined platforming areas and combat.
- the fights with the giants was frustrating, one mistake and you have to re-start a tedious climb.
- if you miss one QTE you are dead, this is not the way to do it, i was surprised by QTEs many times and got killed.
- the cinematic events in the DLC where motion comics, that is just cheap, they should have used the in-game engine like the rest of the game. I feel short changed by this

Ahasverus2716d ago

The thing is, the game sold even MORE than what Konami expected, they even released a press note congratulating themselves, the dev team and the fans for the "excceded expectations" of the game, so I assume the game didn't have an astronomic budget and if it was good it was because the team is really talented, just imagine what they could do for the sequel with higher budget, and of course, more experience and feedback from the first game.

BTW the producer hinted that MercurySteam created a NEW engine for their new game, if this one was a kiler, can not wait!

Lord_Sloth2716d ago


Lament of Innocence explained Dracula's Origins as the best friend of Leon Belmont.

This is a reboot and is writing over the original storyline.

Ahasverus2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The thing is, in theory, Lament of Innocence didn't say that Mathias WAS Dracula, they called him "Prince of the night", luckily for MS if they want to rewrite the storyline :P
(and remember that Gabriel is /in theory/ a Cronqvist, whose real name is not yet revealed, he could be named, you now, Mathias Cronqvist?

Lord_Sloth2716d ago

As any true Castlevania fan, you told me nothing I didn't already know. That still doesn't change the fact that this was a useless installment that added nothing to the franchise and, in fact, didn't even feel like Castlevania.