The Last Story: Returning Glory to the JRPG

Carl B. of writes, "I've been tired of JRPGs for years now, especially after playing the filth that was Final Fantasy 13. I haven't been able to get into any JRPG for a long time, whether it is Chrono Trigger or Breath of Fire II. The only exception to this has been Atlus' Radiant Historia – a game that broke the traditional JRPG mold with its ambitious time travel mechanic. Sadly, while Radiant Historia may have sold well on Nintendo DS, it never received the large main stream attention that other recent JRPGs have gotten. There's one game, though, that has re-kindled my faith in the JRPG genre: Nintendo and Mistwalker's The Last Story."

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AronDeppert2664d ago

Gah, I want this game so bad!

MultiConsoleGamer2664d ago

Agree! Eagerly anticipating this title.

RoboSpiff2664d ago

i miss the great jRPGs.

blackblades2663d ago

Hell yeah well see alot on the handhelds and sometimes wii, they need to have some on ps3.

Moduserous2664d ago

I get a little burned out on traditional turn based JRPGs myself.

GameTavern2664d ago

This isn't really a turned based RPG from what I've gathered.

laaakokaracha2663d ago

its not traditional at all! check out some gameplay vids and ull be surprised :) its a great game !

Peaceful_Jelly2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

why people always tend to overrate imports? The same happened with WKC. Eurogamer scored it with an 8 and then when the game came to the west everybody was scoring it really low.

Then the sequel was released packed with the first game:



squallheart2664d ago

Hmm hmm why is this showing up on ps3 section if its a wii title?

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The story is too old to be commented.