Battlefield Gets Classy

Battlefield 3 will not play the same as Bad Company 2 - we can see this already as the official class descriptions have been released on Battlefield’s official blog. The four classes will bring something new to the table never before seen in the franchise, but who expected anything less from DICE and EA?

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jmobley2664d ago

so tired of call of duty, this game looks like a breath of fresh air

gcolley2663d ago

it is everything CoD is plus 10x more. this series caters for every type of player with so many different and inventive ways to kill the enemy. CoD's problem is its lack of variety for me. battlefield gives you exactly that, the whole battlefield experience!

DanielComfort2664d ago

Typical classes, but I'm still loving what's going on with this game. Glad the medic isn't its own class in this one.

jmobley2664d ago

thats kinda disappointing, i like being a medic

Cwalk8162664d ago

Agreed being a medic was freaking fun.

FragMnTagM2664d ago

Umm support is still the medic class it is just not called that. So far all they have added to it is a bipod for your LMG and blurring the vision of enemies and decreasing their accuracy. Other than that, it is still the medic class.

acquanemesisX2664d ago

the assault is the new medic, not support.

pungello882664d ago

This game is looking great I can't wait. I always play as the class with the sub-machine gun in any game I play.

DaleBoyd2663d ago

don't engineers usually carry a shotgun of sorts?

DoomeDx2663d ago

^No? Why would engineers only wear shotguns? Just because it is the case in a few games, doesnt mean it has to be in every game.

BF3 is mostly long range, so engineers would be useless with only shotguns