Rain Screenshot released

NeverRealm Studios released a render of Rain today. Rain is the purple ninja that first appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Rain is the 3rd DLC character out of 4 and can be downloaded for 400 Microsoft Points or 4.99 on the PSN store. If you have the season pass, then you’ll get him with no additional charge.

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uncharted562418d ago

that looks so sweet. cant wait to play as him and I hope they include his classic purple ninja costume cuz that would just be epic.

SasanovaS19872417d ago

5 dollars for a character? go f yourself

ivanjp18822418d ago

i hopeeeeeee, that the classic outfits that come with him like noob, smoke cyrax etc. are shang sung from mk3 and classic kano from mk1.

crimsonfox2418d ago

it would be cool if the did alternate outfits from games like deadly alliance and deception i like allot of them

Ser2418d ago

NICE! I was hoping that he'd look something like this!

I'm so glad he doesn't have his Armageddon look...

supersonicjerry2418d ago

My opinion,that rain looks so freaking gay.

MachoMoustachio2418d ago

I bought Kenish a few days ago, he didn't come with an alternate attire and I can't view his bio through the Nekropolis.

It's sorta bullshit.

crimsonfox2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

you have to download the compatibility pack #2 for the alternate Noob & Smoke suits holmes

It sort of explains it to you if you pay attention.

ivanjp18822418d ago

i beleive he is refering to kenshi having an alt attire, maybe u need to pay attention foxy. lol. j/k

crimsonfox2418d ago

oh shit...maybe i that case yeah the dlc dont have alternate outfits ;(

MachoMoustachio2418d ago

Yeah, Kenshi himself does not come with an alternate attire. I wish he felt apart of the game and not just "pasted it" but whatever.

But I'll be buying Rain for sure, he's my favorite ninja.

I just hope they don't fuck up his combos like they did in Armageddon.

Triangle, Forward + Triangle, R1

Fuck that combo in Armageddon.

Dart892418d ago

Nice also they just released a patch for the ps3 for online and it runs smoother now.

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The story is too old to be commented.