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Never Say Never: Xenoblade and The Last Story

Nightmare Mode gives an passionate look at the fates of Xenoblade and The Last Story on the eve of the beginning of Operation Rainfall's letter writing campaign. They look at the issue from all sides and try to raise awareness of a cause near and dear to many a gamer's heart (this gamer included). (The Last Story, Wii, Xenoblade)

CrescentFang  +   1118d ago
I didn't know about that voice actor thing, kind of strange...
Rush  +   1118d ago
Did this title seriously just quote a Justin Bieber song to me?

If so, GTFO!
Smacktard  +   1118d ago
Do you seriously believe that Justin Bieber was the first person to say "Never say never"?

If so, GTFO!
SilentNegotiator  +   1118d ago
"Do you seriously believe that Justin Bieber was the first person to say "Never say never"? "

Gasp! Never!
Rush  +   1118d ago
Sense of humour bypass me thinks...

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